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Upper Kedron

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12 June 2022

We engaged Hitman to do full treatment for our house. They came and treated the house and left, all was well. A few weeks later we noticed marks in our bedrooms which looked like walls were leaking from ceiling. We could not figure it out until we realised it was the spray from the treatment. The photos show this clearly. Spray around perimeter ceiling, corners of walls, around window frames. I contacted Hitman and the admin person I spoke with was helpful and nice. This is where the nice and helpfulness ended. I had tried to clean it off but had no luck. I sent photos asking Hitman why this could have happened. I was offered a $100 refund for the inconvenience. I said I would try and some other products, magic eraser etc, but nothing worked. The walls were stained and could not get it off. I advised them that $100 would not cover the costs for reinstating the rooms to the state they were prior to the treatment as walls were stained. I contacted Hitman again and told them nothing has worked and was seeking some compensation to repaint the room. I emailed them with a cost estimate of repainting these rooms (which I got from a google search). I even halved that price as I told them I’ll do it myself. I rang Hitman and advised them of this and asked if someone could come out and look at this concern I had as I was told this is not normal and they had not heard of this happening before. The response I received was far from impressive. The words were “absolutely not, we will not be sending anyone out”. So in the end I have 3 bedrooms now which I have to repaint and all costs and blame lay on me. The final correspondence I received from this professional company is below. I did not take the $100 offer. Hi Aaron, Thank you for the correspondence regarding the treatment, that Hitman provided you on 24th February 2022, which included a full pest control both inside and outside your home for cockroaches, silverfish, ants, spiders, rats & mice. The treatment we provide is an all-weather treatment, and has been designed for asthma and allergy sufferers, pregnant woman, newborns and even your pets. The treatment we use is both odourless, colour-free and is applied as a fine mist. I understand from the photos you sent through on 27th April 2022, that you are of the assumption that the marks have been caused from our treatment in February. However, I can assure you that the issue you are seeing in the photos has not been caused by any treatment we have used. This would be evident to yourself as you had treatment carried out by us last year. Hitman has offered a $100 refund as a good will gesture, which we still stand by, after you mentioned there was some cleaning involved. Aaron, as discussed over the phone, Hitman has declined your request to have a technician return and wash, or view yourself washing the walls, we also decline to pay the $1500.00 you have quoted to repaint the walls yourself. I am sorry that you are experiencing an issue with your walls for whatever reason, and I am sure you will find a solution to your problem. Please let us know by 27th May 2022, that you accept our offer of $100, otherwise we will consider the matter dealt with. Thanking you More...

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18 February 2020

called Hitman to enquire about prices for possible termite treatment and prevention as we appear to have a termite problem, the lady i spoke to was rude and unhelpful. i thought this company had a good reputation, not today they didn't. Very dissapointed. wouldn't reccomend. More...

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