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9 Harper Street, Abbotsford Victoria 3067, Australia

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We are High-Performance Fitness, a group of health professionals that believe every human should experience the full health, beauty and strength of which their bodies are capable of.

We offer you nutrition, fitness classes, personal training and a group community that is built on you discovering your underlying potential.

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9 December 2022

Very well knowledgeable knows his stuff

9 December 2022

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with HPF since I started with them in 2017. HPF has been the backbone to my performance in several fights and since working with them I have gone on a 4 fight win streak. Jon not only creates excellent programs but has a high attention to detail which keeps you honest yet motivated. More...

8 December 2022

This is my first ever challenge and John and Frank are excellent trainers with great knowledge on technique! It’s hard but enjoying every moment of it!

8 December 2022

Did the 6 week challenge and smashed it, highly recommend

8 December 2022

I did the six week challenge and did lose 10.4kg 🙂, learned some nice dishes I can have as a healthy meal. Trainers were motivated and pushed you through the training. Also groupclasses seem to work well for me. More...

8 December 2022

I've been training with Jon and Frank for a couple of months now and I love the environment of JSSP and the culture the coaches have created.
No egos (besides mine!) and everyone supports each other in their pursuit of their individual goals.
Jon in particular has a genuine care for his members and goes above and beyond. I am likely his most difficult client and he always shows patience and perseverance in helping me... Perhaps worthy of an award? Ha!
I am also a coach and have learned a lot from the coaches at JSSP that I apply in my own coaching. I highly recommend JSSP.

8 December 2022

I did the 6 weeks challenge and achieved my goal. This place has great facilities and a professional team that will help you achieve your fitness goals and perfect your technique

8 December 2022

The training programs are great. A very supportive environment where the trainers push you to achieve your goals while constantly monitoring and improving your form using the equipment. However, the communication was quite slow and frustrating at times. More...

8 December 2022

HPF is a great place to train with personalised programs, a fully equipped gym and the coaches go above and beyond to make sure you reach your goals. I have been training with Jon/HPF for 5+ years and they have been integral to my martial arts competition success. More...

8 December 2022

I absolutely love training at High Performance Fitness with Jon Sharp, his knowledge, experience and expertise in the field of health and fitness is at the highest level. You could not find a! better place to train, the staff are passionate about what they do and their dedication and commitment to their clients/members is premium More...

8 December 2022

Jon and his team are very professional and have helped me get the fittest and strongest I have ever been. The tailored programs to meet your goals are exactly what I needed!


We are a group of health professionals that believe every human should experience the full health, beauty & strength of which all bodies are capable.
Additional to the FREE anytime gym access we offer to all our clients, we also offer a transformational fitness & lifestyle experience.
Our small group community is built on accountability & structure. Allowing YOU to discover how important well-thought-out support is to achieving sustained RESULTS

Consistency is KING!

So we need to find the system that suits your lifestyle the best.

Some just need basic guidelines with nutrition, others a complex detailed plan. Some need a constant push & accountability, others just detailed structure to their training. There is no right way BUT there is a right way for you. We need to get clear on what suits you best, so you can stick to it. Reep the results & keep them

Seeing that change in a person's character & personality once they get results. The confidence and pride is hard to miss. It's a complete shift from who they were before. I never get tired of seeing that smile when they start to feel good about themselves & their body. LOVE IT!

We practise what we preach & are proud of giving each client the right balance of
Support, Accountability, Structure & Motivation

Yes we offer online options


WHO'S THIS FOR: Personal Training is for those who need individualised programming, a bigger push with motivation & the accountability of someone supporting you every week. These sessions are completely tailored and based on your goals and needs. Sessions are highly customised to suit your health and fitness requirements.

WHO'S THIS FOR: Semi-Private Personal Training & has been designed for those who like a more individualised focus but don't want to pay PT rates. These sessions are completely tailored to you and based on your own individual goals and needs. You simply share the training sessions with 4-8 other people, reducing the cost of guided coaching.