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1 July 2020

Omg I feel amazing Monique. Monique was awesome. Will definitely book with her again and I have. She didn’t just do a standard massage routine, she tailored it to suit exactly where I was the most sore. 10 /10

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13 May 2020

Monique is a legend! Love what she does!

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4 March 2020

I walked in today in pain and not able to move much after injuring myself and gym, and I’ve walked out in much less pain, and with a much larger range of movement. Fantastic setting and I felt at ease with Monique. Thank you sooo much! More...

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2 March 2020

I have had a few massages now with Monique, and every experience has been a WOW for me. I love the relaxing type massage that allows you to destress along with the Indian Head massage. The massage is first class and it is obvious that Monique loves what she does. I did have an odd experience when Monique mentioned I have some reiki on my shoulder, as I had a niggling pain due to a gym injury that just would not go away. After a few minutes my shoulder heated up and I had a pulse like feeling that is hard to describe. I am quite skeptical of reiki, but have to admit this has fixed my shoulder. Perhaps it is the placebo affect? But I can't dispute the fact that I do not have the intense pain as before. Thanks again :) More...

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12 December 2019

WOW!!! A+++++ Monique is absolutely amazing! I have wasted so much money on massages and therapy that never works but my goodness that changed when I met Monique! I suffer severe migraines (hyperintensities on the brain) and Monique can change up her techniques to help different areas depending on where my pain is at the time. I always feel so relaxed and always feel like I have caught up on 2 weeks worth of sleep from just an hour long massage. I even buy the gift cards for any gift I need and everyone always thanks me for putting them on to Monique! She is just so knowledgeable when it comes to the human body :) More...

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25 November 2019

I Highly recommend Monique's magical hands, have only been for two sessions and my shoulders, lower back and legs have had a huge improvement with movement Very sweet and polite 10/10

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29 August 2019

Monique is very experienced and has been able to help with a shoulder issue. Highly recommended.

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27 August 2019

I want to express my shear thanks and appreciation to Monique from Equanimity Therapeutic Massage for her outstanding skill. I have been sick for 2 weeks with infected sinus including anti biotics.. Monique conducted a sinus drainage massage and I walk out of the appointment totally unblocked and able to breath. Wish I went to her earlier. Secondly to this I had been having pain in my knee for weeks. I had been to chiro's to no avail. Monique picked up that I had a boney lump that should not have been there. Off to the doctor she sent me for xrays and ultrasound. I am blessed that it is benign and doctors are keeping an eye on it. Without Monique Blom Visser experience and knowledge of the body, my body would not be as happy. Thank you Monique Blom Visser you are marvelous. More...

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