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We offer a number of therapeutic services including teaching meditation and using Meditation Therapy™ to help clients let go of anger, stress and trauma.

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4 October 2019

POSITIVE comments to help you understand LIFE

29 September 2019

James is a congruent aligned soul passionate about his mastery of meditation. These are qualities I admire and appreciate as James spreads his wealth of knowledge about meditation and it's all encompassing benefits. I delight in knowing James X


The satisfaction of hearing how I've made a real difference in someone's life.

After a lifetime in the film industry, I wanted to do something with more meaning that actually helped people. So I went back to school and learned many modalities of therapy before settling on Hypnosis and eventually developing Meditation Therapy™ as a more gentle approach.

The style of therapy I use is gentle, insightful, powerful and has the ability to make life long changes in few or even single sessions. Think of it as guided meditation sculpted specifically for you in the moment.