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Established in 2016, Elite Collection Services (ECS) specialises in commercial debt recovery, credit management consulting, and acts as a legal services agent to businesses both nationally and internationally.

In addition to providing a results driven collection service, ECS offers credit management solutions by consulting to Credit Managers and business owners in areas of credit risk, credit assessment, collection techniques, recovery strategies, and litigation.

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Elite Collection Services is a Licenced Commercial Agent specialising in commercial debt recovery and collections.

Elite Collection Services’ Managing Director, Chris Hayes, is known by his clients and peers as an industry leading professional in areas of debt recovery, collections, insolvency, litigation, dispute resolution and settlement negotiations.

Our Elite operators recognise that debt recovery is not a one size fits all market. Our staff assess each matter on a case by case basis and provide professional advice to our clients with a view of adopting a collection strategy that works for them! To do this, Elite Collection Services acknowledges each debtor’s circumstance is unique and prides itself on identifying the best way to communicate with debtors in order to settle the matter both promptly and professionally.

Our online debt recovery software allows Elite Collection Services’ clients the convenience of securely submitting and tracking the progress of their debtor files 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Elite Collection Services consults to Credit Managers and Business Owners by providing advice on issues such as assessing credit applications, identifying areas of risk, and ensuring their terms and conditions work for them – not against them.

In addition to the above, Elite Collection Services offers workshops to credit professionals and their teams in the areas of collections, dealing with debtors, the debt recovery process, letter writing, and telephone collection techniques.

Elite Collection Services acts as a legal services agent Australia wide and has an expert panel of lawyers in all areas of law throughout the country.

In many instances, Elite members will turn to our panel of lawyers as a trusted source for advice in areas both within the credit industry and beyond.

When required, Elite Collection Services is ready, willing, and able to engage one of our panel lawyers on your behalf to assist you with your needs.

If your company has a legal issue or query, Elite Collection Services will find a lawyer that can assist.

Elite Collection Services has a team of licenced agents throughout Australia and New Zealand who conduct debtor field calls and serve legal documents.

Field calls are particularly useful when it becomes necessary to ascertain whether a debtor company or business continues to trade, or if a service address must be confirmed. Field calls can be conducted on all entity types, including corporations, businesses, or individuals.

Elite Collection Services’ agents conduct discreet, yet extensive investigations and submit a detailed report of their findings in a timely manner. Similarly, if proceedings have already been commenced, our team of agents will attempt prompt service upon the debtor, provide a full report, and return the appropriate affidavit/s of service to the applicant party or their legal practitioner.

Contact us today to see how Elite Collection Services can assist you!

Elite Collection Services recognises not all businesses have the resources of a dedicated credit team. By providing ledger servicing and bulk letter runs, Elite Collection Services offers a cost-effective way for businesses to decrease their DSO’s, increase their cash flow, and reduce bad debts.

Our technology allows Elite members to export their debtor listings directly into our internal systems via a bulk data load. From there, Elite Collection Services can generate a tailored letter which can be as timid as a friendly reminder, or as formal as final notice. Failing a response to the ledger servicing letter, Elite Collection Services provides an efficient platform to convert the matter from a ledger servicing account to a debt recovery file at the click of a button!

For more information on our ledger servicing and bulk letter packages, contact one of our Elite team members today.

Elite Collection Services is a broker of credit reports and searches. In this day and age, it is imperative that a credit provider knows the exact entity they’re dealing with. The only way this can be achieved is through accurate searching and credit reporting.

If you’re unsure where to start, or have received a credit application and would like to verify who is applying for credit, contact Elite Collection Services and we’ll provide you with the necessary searches to verify both the entity applying for credit and their credit worthiness.