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Diab’s understand the value of your property goes above and beyond its market tag. Your home is your safe space, a comfort zone where you make memories with your nearest and dearest. So, our cleaners apply their years of experience to keep it that way.

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Does these issues sound familiar?
• You don’t know who actually cleans?
• Same spots are missing each night?
• Quality dropped after 2 months?
• Feels like all they do is change the bins liners and then leave

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way.
Most businesses will be lucky to keep the same cleaners for longer than 6 months, Diab’s cleaning solves this by recruiting owner operated cleaning teams who build lifetime clients, which in turn gives businesses a service they can rely on.
At Diab’s, we understand someone looking after your building or office is a big deal. We only hire the most trusted professionals’ cleaners in Sydney. Every cleaner must go to a strict recruitment process to ensure our quality and safety standards are met. That is why you can have the confidence that we will take care of everything for you with honesty and transparency.

Dear Strata Manager, Owners Committee

You have decided its time to look for a new cleaning company.
The current cleaners you hired started perfect, but no one warned you about the constant problems that would keep arising week after week!
It feels somewhat familiar, it’s because in 2020 there was a constant problem in the cleaning industry that healthcare clinics are not seeing!!
Your current cleaning company has most certainly started to sub-contract to cleaners who work for below the minimum $15 -18 an hour.
With barrier to entry being so low these sub-contractors are now the new cleaners for your company.
Who are they?
• No official training, no Onboarding, no insurance.
• This is not the professional cleaning company you trusted and hired

We understand your frustration
Managing a strata building is not simple, from juggling administrative duties to handling communication with tenants, the last thing you want to worry about is about cleaning or lack thereof.
It kates about ½ seconds for visitors to make a complaint about the maintenance of the building so hiring a cleaning service who sticks to their promises is very important.
Over the last year we’ve been hired for some of the most trusted companies in Sydney to maintain and provide a professional cleaning solution.
And there is ONE major thing those companies had in common when it comes to the needs of reliable strata services.
They looked for a company WHO
• Hired and trained their employees to the specific site
• Kept cleaners account table with a customised scope of work and weekly breakdown of periodic tasks.
• Offered daily supervision systems and a 50-point check monthly inspection report.
• Specialised in commercial cleaning, which meant having the right equipment to complete all tasks (floor scrubbing, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, chute cleaning and basement cleaning)
• Exceeded OH&S standards and had necessary documentations for chemicals on site (safety data sheet, tagged equipment etc)
• Had vetted and NSW police checked, displaying staff ID badges and easily identifiable uniforms while cleaning their building.
• Offered a 24/7 communication system
• Held all up to date insurances and workers compensation.

We are looking for clients that take care about their buildings, clients who take regular cleaning and infection control seriously, companies who look to hire an Australian owned family business.
If you like to see how Diab’s Cleaning Services will work for you building, we recommend you request a 15 minutes site walkthrough.
During the 15 minutes walkthrough we will learn about your specific needs and determine if we can help you and we are a great fit to work together.
If we are not a great fit to work together, we will provide you a customised solution and quote to propose to the owners committee.

You are ready to hire a professional cleaning company who may not be able to match your current cleaners price but we most definitely can beat their value.
• Our full strata cleaning packages start at $1000 per month.
• We pay our cleaners above the award rate $28-$33 per hour and attract the best talent who stay with us for years.
• We invest in the best equipment and chemicals.
• We are fully insured and hall all the needed insurances for our services.
• We do not charge an hourly tare we charge a flat rate monthly solution with a 20$profit margin for our services.
• You take cleaning your building seriously
• And most important: you understand the power of quality and you are ready to invest in a service who will give you back your time and let you focus on the day-to-day operations.

Gym Cleaning Services
Diab’s cleaning services offers a high-quality standard of care and cleanliness to all types of fitness-based business, including personal training studios, yoga studios, traditional gym and everything in between. In fact, fitness cleaning centre has been one of our primary areas of expertise for many years, scrupulous presentation combined with fresh, clean and health vibe will keep your customer coming back for more. However, this cannot be achieved if the equipment and promises promote bacteria infestation leading to a increased risk of infections.
To keep your gym looking immaculate you need to engage the service of the best gym cleaning service at Diab’s cleaning, you can count on us for an incredible service that will come at an affordable price to your business. This is what we deliver day in day out, all around Sydney suburbs.
Our service is competitively priced without compromising the standard of the gym cleaning service and the quality of the equipment and the chemicals used.
We tailor our services to the individual needs of your business and promises and you only pay for the exact services that you need for your gym cleaning.

Diab’s cleaning services is an Australian owned business and we pride ourselves in delivering quality construction cleaning services to the highest standard possible whilst providing outstanding customer service in Sydney whether it is commercial cleaning, construction site cleaning and industrial cleaning, we provide a price which is fair and reasonable with an absolute 100%guarantee of our work.
Our dedication and experience withing the construction cleaning sector enable us to provide you with the support you need, and our skilled, friendly cleaning team are fully equipped with the latest equipment and products required to give you the best possible outcome.
What you will receive from our construction cleaning teams.
• Extensively trained and hardworking crew.
• Use of modern equipment
• Quick turn-around
• Educated in OH&S practices
• Custom cleaning scope of work and schedule
• Daily – monthly reporting and inspections
• Fully insured
• Professional, friendly management available 24/7
• No hidden fees and excellent value for money
• 100% satisfaction guaranteed on all work.