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Colin Slater


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I help people get clear on their purpose, goals and vision about what they want their life to be and then help them to bring that vision to reality, busting any barriers or perceived limitations along the way. As a certified NLP Life Coach (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) which means I help you unpack how you think, discover the language you use to explore your world, how to make sense of it and be even more successful.

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Making a difference in other peoples lives and in my own from what I've learnt and now practice every day.

Knowing that people can transform their lives with a little help from me because I've done it. Once you know about NLP and what it can do, I find it compelling to use it everyday to make a difference. It's like a ripple effect, travelling through every part of your life, encouraging positive changes and freeing people from their limitations.

I can help them transform their lives as they see it, feel it and what they now choose to tell themselves. I follow a Be Do Have strategy, where in order to have what you want, you have to Be and Do the work to get the results.

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NLP is about Neuro-linguistic Programming and covers how we think, the language we use and how we make sense of our lives. I help you make more sense of your life, what it means and the purpose you choose to give it and how you want it to be.
Life coaching empowers you to be the person you choose to be, gives you strategies to improve your thinking, control your emotions and get the results you choose to create.
I've been in this business for about nine years now and have learnt a lot about human behaviour. It still amazes how people can transform their lives when they realise it can be different because they can change their thinking, feelings and what they choose to tell themselves, with a little help from me.