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The TENANT IS RESPONSIBLE for having an End of Lease Flea Spray where the tenants have allowed animals on the premises, even if the animals have only been kept outside or have only been on the property for a short stay. 🔹🔹OUR End Of Lease/Rental Bond Flea Treatment: Only $140.00 inc GST (3 Month Warranty)🔹🔹

Cockroach control Perth from Chambers Pest Solutions is the only cockroach extermination program you will ever need. Our highly successful roach baiting program works the first time – and lasts! It will not disturb you, your employees, customers, family or pets. Here is how our cockroach control and extermination system works: Foraging roaches consume lethal doses of the bait and then return to their nest. Before they die (within 24 – 72 hours) they poison many other roaches – even those in other units.

One cockroach can cause the death of up to 44 other roaches. This is our cockroach control system’s domino effect!

Price starts from $145.00 inc gst

Paper wasps are generally only aggressive if protecting their nest and as their nesting habits can include being around the house, they can pose a problem for people getting too close.

Unlike bees, wasps can sting multiple times and as such can result in multiple bites, unlike bees where you generally only get stung once.

A cold pack can often relieve symptoms such as pain and swelling.

Starting price $150.00inc gst

Rodent control services from Chambers Pest Solutions can bring you peace of mind. Depend on the experts to control rats, mice and other rodent infestations. We can control rodent or mice problems whether you are experiencing them at home or in your place of business. We locate the pests and effectively control rodent infestations at a reasonable price. Starting Price $145.00 inc gst

We provide best in class termite treatment service at an affordable cost. Termite treatment needs broad knowledge about termites with the right treatment method to get 100% results. Our Pesticides are kids and pet-friendly. Our pest controllers are well qualified and trained to deal with any termite situation. If you have any termite problem, make your termite treatment a better experience. Just call us or quote/book us online, the rest is our duty (08)93132871

Chambers Pest Solutions can help you protect your commercial premises through our “green” commercial pest control services. We use our years of experience and hands-on knowledge to do the job. Our work speaks for itself. We provide guarantees and warranties on each of our services.

Spider treatments designed to rid your home of Spiders to keep a safe environment for your family and pets.

Ants invading your house for food and water? Digging up your paths and paving? Chambers technicians have the skills and techniques needed to eradicate the nest not just chase them around the house.

Termite Pre-Purchase Inspections and annual inspections to the Australian Standards.