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BPS (Budget Property Services) offer our clients a professional cleaning service, - office cleaning, carpet cleaning and hard surface floor care as well as maintenance services by licensed tradesmen in their field..
BPS delivers these facility services efficiently, effectively and professionally.

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10 March 2021

Very good team, and diligent in their duties.


Meeting happy clients daily, meeting and indeed exceeding their expectations of a Cleaning Company

Creating the right environment for my employees and I to excell.

We do what we say, and say what we do, communication and expediency with eye on detail is what we thrive for.

Consulting services and quoting in certain circumstances

As we all continue to closely monitor the developments across the region and country, BPS Cleaning Services is offering sanitizing cleaning services to all prospective clients within the Canberra Queanbeyan Area. We understand the uncertainty the outbreak is causing and want to help keep places of business clean and safe for staff and guests alike.

For this service, a combination of Department of Health certified antimicrobial solutions are used to help sanitize a site or interior of a vehicle. The solutions are used in conjunction with electrostatic sprayers if necessary, which help to charge the solution used, producing particles that repel each other to form an envelope around whatever surface they make contact with.

Contact us to schedule a sanitizing cleaning for your facility.


Every venue or event requires both cleaning and waste management services. At BPS we have the Solutions! The experiences we have gained around this ever increasing greener world of ours have not only provided us with the knowledge of how to do it well, but also where to do it well whilst always at a more efficient cost then our competitors, but to ensure we are continually striving to make sure our clients are at the forefront of available technologies to ensure all current legislations are not only being adhered to, but continually being surpassed.
Cleaning and waste management are two different services, but to ensure waste management legislations are being followed you need to be sure your cleaning personnel are well aware of their responsibilities and regulatory requirements whilst providing these services.
BPS can provide cleaning personnel at all levels no matter what the size of your premises venue or event. We have continually run contracts around the Canberra and Queanbeyan and Region as large as sporting stadiums and music festivals and provided superior services to each of them. All of our cleaning personnel are well aware of our waste management requirements with our partner in this area and ensure that all legislator requirements are met.
Waste management services are provided by our partner in this area and they aim to provide the best possible waste management solutions to our customers. They achieve this through their tireless pursuit of industry knowledge, environmental awareness and the long term relationships they have built with their customers. As with our cleaning services each service is treated individually and with the utmost care. They pride themselves on their safety initiatives and professionalism at all times. BPS offer a complete suite of Facility Services as well as all consumables for Washrooms etc.