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Bracken Ridge, QLD


Ben Jones Fitness has been in the industry since 2017.
Primarily based out of North Lakes and now located in Bracken Ridge, Brisbane.

I'm primarily aiming for Online clients who will have exclusive access to my training app and 24/7 support from me.

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We sit down and map out a plan that we execute together, because we're working as a team.

Consistency is key.
Too many people underestimate that and go searching for the magic pill, when all they got to do, is put in the WORK!

To me it isn't a job, its a passion. I love pushing and getting the most out of someone when they didn't even know they had the potential to push that far!

Before I was a PT I was your standard gym goer. One afternoon I was watching a PT at my local gym training someone. He was standing next to his client, on his phone, counting reps. It hit me that I could be that PT that would drive and inspire my clients to push for more and achieve everything they wanted.

I don't want to be chosen, I want to be a Team.

Its a two way street, you put the effort in for me, I put the effort in for you.


I specialise in online custom training and nutrition programs to tailor to your needs.
I primarily focus on Body building however I do handle general fitness and other specific goals.