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Aspire Hypnotherapy and Relationship Counselling

1420 Logan Rd, Mount Gravatt East QLD 4122, Australia


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I specialize in very rapid, highly cost effective change programs for individuals to change their habits and couples seeking to improve their relationships.

I offer several unique guarantees. If you are seeing me for relationship issues, if at the end of the first session, you aren't seeing your relationship from a very different perspective, and you can't see the way forward, I will not charge you for the session.

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5 customer reviews

6 December 2021

I've been seen Michael Brook for few week and it already made a big good change in my life, it made me see things in different way, I would say the right way. I strongly recommend Michael.
I am very grateful and happy with the results.

6 December 2021

Michael from Aspire was great! He made us feel welcome, comfortable and gave us some advice and ‘homework’ to work on. We are both looking forward to our next appointment! More...

6 December 2021

Michael is a very easy person to talk to, and the Hypnotherapy is a gentle and powerful way to deal with issues

6 December 2021

Such a fantastic practitioner- he went over and above in his services and provided us with practical and relevant goals to meet after we left the session.

6 December 2021

Michael was really easy to talk to - loved that he has a sense of humour and was able to make the session and information relatable, through giving us scenarios that his other clients have experienced. He gave my partner and I a series of homework exercises, of which we are excited to explore. THANKS MICHAEL. Look forward to our next sessions More...


Anxiety is a profoundly debilitating problem. It stops you from doing anything productive. Hypnosis is highly effective in alleviating anxiety and getting you making good choice and decisions that take you forward. The first step in changing your external reality is changing how you deal with the external reality. Then you can start moving forward.

Nobody likes losing things, including weight. However, weight is a significant long term health risk. The problem that most people experience with weight gain and weight reduction is that they eat for emotional reasons, not when they are hungry. By dealing with the emotional reasons for eating, very rapidly people can find that it's really easy to lose weight and begin healthy habits.

Depression is a normal part of life. Frequently, it's a response to the things in your external world being particularly shitty. Or you may just be surrounded by arseholes. Either way, by changing your focus from the past to the future, by taking and making decisions based on what you want to have happen, depression can be quickly alleviated and you can begin moving forward.

Relationship difficulties are a big problem for many people. Relationships provides life's greatest joys, as well lifes deepest hear aches. It is possible to change you relationship and improve it. You have to make the first step. Whether it's improving communication, improving intimacy or getting clear on what you want and how to get it in relationship, I can help you.

Divorce and Separation is one of if not the most difficult time in a man's life. He feels like everything has been taken away from him. I specialize in assisting me navigation the intense emotions of Separation and Divorce and how to use that experience for growth in ever area of a man's life.

Many people find challenges with intimacy very difficult to navigate. With hypnosis and hypnotherapy, this issues are frequently easily overcome.

Every relationship has challenges. Some bigger than others. I work with many couples from addressing small communication challenges to couples who are either separating or are on the brink of doing so. The work I do with them is very direct and challenging. I get them working on themselves as individuals and through that they improve the dynamics of the relationship. I show no bias. I'm not biased towards men or women, towards the person who hires me or their partner. I'm an equalist. I intend to make everyone who comes to me equally uncomfortable. Because, it gets results.