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Use a proven process that will get you to the top of Google in 120 days, or your money back guaranteed.


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We’re constantly faced with a very repetitive question. ‘Why hire Ameriam, when we could just do it ourselves?’

Great question.

The one thing that business owners fail to remember is that SEO isn’t a simple once off setup. It takes time. Lots of time.

To put it into comparison to a full time employee, it would literally cost you $165,000+ per year in overheads, which is 3 full time employees at $55,000 per year.

That is one graphic designer, one SEO specialist and a content writer.

With the team comes an account manager (not factored into the costs) which does all the initial research and discovery. This helps the team produce content and deliver results.

When you hire Ameriam, you’re getting years of experience, unending talent and determination to see your project become another one of our success stories.

Instead of costing you over $165,000+ a year, we charge a small fixed monthly fee, which works out to be free once we’ve generated enough leads through your website.