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We are a life and business coaching company and we have a team of coaches and consultants who provide a variety of services to help you out with any emotional blocks from the past, finding your direction or purpose or career and maybe you need some business advice such as web design, social media, online course builds, marketing funnels, sales training, system implementation, CRM programs, recruitment, health and wellness advice, behavioural profiling and more.

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6 December 2021

Life Coaching

I’ve got a lot out of my time so far with David. I have made changes and have worked through lots of day to day life every week with him. I certainly go about my days and life differently and for the better. More...

1 December 2021

Business Consulting

David at 7colored Doors has helped us think outside the box when it come to starting our own business. With no experience in running a business, he shares a lot of his own experiences to help guide what we need and challenges our thinking in order to create our best selves.

16 October 2021

Business Consulting

David is very professional down to earth
And a pleasure to work with
Looking forward to the future working and building my business with 7 colored doors
Highly recommend anyone looking at expanding there business to call 7 colored doors More...

28 September 2021

Life Coaching

Absolutely fantastic, David is so genuine and it was no hesitation to commit to the program. Really happy

27 September 2021

David Bayne and Laura McIntosh have helped me move my business out of my residence and into a commercial property, employed a receptionist and am ready to employ another employee, creating an online business selling products and services and am in the process of providing a mobile service for NDIS clients, my business went from 80k turn over in 2019-2020 to 190k turn over in 2020-2021. The numbers and activities speak for themself. Much appreciated to 7 colored Doors for their advise and support. More...

24 August 2021

I was looking for a life coach to help me deal with a variety of emotional challenges I was facing with my family and career and my purpose. On meeting David he had a calming presence and a wisdom and dedication that I have never felt in a person. Straight away I could feel a sense of peace and calmness knowing someone actually cared. I hired David for 3 months of mentoring and I haven’t looked back. My health is amazing, my family are connected and my life’s purpose is very exciting. I would recommend David to anyone out there who has lost there way
Deeply grateful Katy


One that generates leads, appointments and sales and can also track where your leads are coming from.

1. When are you likely to get started
2. What is your budget
3. If I had a magic wand and you had one wish, only one wish, what would be the most important thing we could help you solve or fix right now?

We love serving others and more importantly seeing the smile on our clients faces when they reach their financial goal. get their time back to be with their family, overcome their addictions or negative blocks or self beliefs and get their life back. That is our purpose to serve others and we love it!

I've always been entrepreneurial since I was 20 years old. I purchased my first home at 22 and my first investment property a few years later. I started building a property portfolio and realised I needed cashflow and so business became a means to an end. It gave me cashflow to build my property portfolio and live the life of my dreams. I now serve clients all around the country working from home living on the sunshine coast with the beach out the front door and spending time with my 5 beautiful children. This lifestyle is what we want you to have.

We are experienced with 20 years of helping and serving people and businesses across the globe. We have personally ran over a dozen of our own businesses and have built and sold over 25 investment properties in that time. We have worked with start ups, micro businesses, small business from 1-5, corporate companies, large businesses with 100 staff and global franchisors. We have travelled around the world coaching and mentoring and we have worked with the small mum and dad local business. We are diverse, experienced and have the skills and experience to help you in all areas of your life and business to help you navigate through these challenging times. It is very rare to find a company that has all of the skills required to help you succeed in life.

Yes we can. We have been providing online business and life courses for 20 years and have hundreds of online members using our platforms currently. We have also been running weekly master classes on screen for the same time. It's the way of the future.

Our business has been 90% online for almost 7 years now and 50% online for almost 15 years. We have been set up way before the pandemic appeared. Maybe we new what was about to unfold!


We help people struggling with anxiety, stress, worry, direction, purpose, career, relationships, family issues, teenagers and health issues. We have been working with people to overcome their past emotional blocks and dealing with mental and physical issues for 20 years. We have the tools and know how to help you navigate through these challenges easily.

We have been business consultants and coaches for over 20 years helping start ups to global franchise companies with a variety of challenges in all areas of their business. Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a lifetime we have the skills and expertise to guide you to financial freedom.

We build websites based on generating you leads not just how nice it looks.
We can have your website up and running in 2 weeks and we can also help you with the content, images, guidance and direction. We are primarily business consultants so we will have the experience to guide you on the right path. Please be aware our websites start at $900 + gst we will not build a website for $500 we do things properly thankyou

We can build online business courses in a short period of time and at a very affordable price and this Includes full set up, content, images, membership connections, payment portals, discount codes and training. We can also help you with the content if you need help with that as well.

We can create and build your business and /or personal apps no matter what creative idea you have in mind. Smart phone apps are where it's at and we can help create the app you are looking for.

We provide social media posting, design, copywriting, blog posts set up. Starting at $90 a month for daily posting. That is an investment of $4 a post which is the most affordable option available anywhere. We can also train you and your staff on how to manage your own social media for a one off investment.

We provide website hosting for as little as $15 a month and this also includes full back up and maintenance of your site, support with website changes*, daily and weekly backup, SSL certified, SEO basics.