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Are you searching for a reliable and high-quality gardener to care for your precious plants on a long-term basis? Perhaps you need an expert eye to show you how to best utilise your land for a new garden plan. Tell us your needs and we’ll find the best gardener for you.


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Your garden is a special place that can offer a whole range of possibilities. Using the individual profile pages, customer reviews, and direct contact with the professionals, Bark allows you to be certain in your horticultural choices.

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What to look for in a gardener

When it comes to gardens, there’s a lot to think about in terms of upkeep. It’s no wonder that gardeners are so in demand, as attending to all your gardening needs can be difficult. If you need assistance keeping your garden dazzling, you can hire a regular gardening service.

Stay on top of the weeding and lawn mowing. Keep those hedges in line. Ensure your flowers receive regular deadheading and watering. Make sure the edges on your lawn are sharp. There are also specialists who can provide more intricate garden maintenance, such as pond upkeep and tree surgery.

Make your garden irresistible

Why should you have to sacrifice your precious weekends to break your back pulling up pesky weeds or repotting plants? Utilise your time by enjoying your garden and relaxing in it. Hiring a range of gardening services allows you to bask in the garden, not toil in it. Do you have an office with a communal outdoor space? Get a gardening service to maintain it for you. One less thing to worry about when deadlines loom near and it provides a wonderful space to enjoy your lunch breaks.

Gardening services can assist everyone no matter their ability. If you’ve never tried gardening before, but love flowers, there’s an expert for you. Perhaps you’ve got an allotment and need a hand setting it up for the upcoming season? A gardening expert can work with you and provide professional advice to make sure your vegetables are as fine as possible.

What can a gardener offer me?

Gardens are a sanctuary. They give respite from the rushes of life. They bring nature into your home. They can look and smell amazing. Some even provide food! But they can be a lot of work. With the long office hours and stresses of raising a family, it’s easy to let things like mowing the lawn slip from one week to another. A recurring gardening service will provide you with the peace of mind that your prized roses are pruned beautifully and that your rockery remains weed-free.

Gardeners are masters of creativity. If you’re looking to splash out on some landscaping, there will be an expert that can offer you a diverse range of designs suited for your garden. You could create your own Kew Gardens and be safe in the knowledge that professionals will be tending to the flowerbeds each week. Patios can be washed with specialist equipment to make sure they gleam for the summer. If there’s a hedge, a gardening pro will be able to carve it into art or simply keep the corners crisp. Make sure the tools in your garden shed aren’t going to waste!
From Grass to Roots profile image

From Grass to Roots

From Grass to Roots has quickly become one of Surrey’s favourite gardening companies. The brainchild of horticultural wonder Hattie Butterton, they offer a range of services for both residential and commercial properties.

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a professional

What do you love most about your job?

How many other jobs allow you to work in the sunshine, expand your creative mind, and also let you physically craft something beautiful? There’s nothing greater than stepping back from a project you’ve been working on for weeks and then seeing it in its full glory. Being able to provide an environment where bees can flourish and areas for kids to be able to play is one of the best ways I could possibly spend my time. I also love having regular gardens that I see every week or so. You develop a connection with them and it’s spectacular to watch the annual cycles.

What qualifications have you achieved?

I have a postgraduate diploma in garden design and a selection of diplomas covering Forestry and Arboriculture. I am fully certified in the use of chainsaws, the ethical use of pesticides, and wood chippers. I have completed apprenticeships in forestry, nursery practice, and garden maintenance. In the past, I have worked for the council and private gardening businesses before setting up on my own.

Why should our clients choose you?

You should work with me because I am a highly trained, very experienced professional. If you are looking to simply refresh and neaten your garden for the upcoming summer, or are planning to completely redesign the land, I will provide quality results. We can discuss different plans for the garden of your dreams and work out how best to make a garden work for you. If you have a disability, we can look into the easiest way to create garden setups with wheelchair access. If you want to create a haven for wildlife, I’ll advise you on the best plants, trees and designs to encourage critters to move in.

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Gardening FAQs

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Your expert gardener will be able to advise you on the full range of services available and will be able to advise on what work needs to be done. They will also be able to answer any questions you may have. Use Bark to get free quotes and schedule a visit today.

Gardeners offer a whole host of services. These include the following:

  • Garden maintenance - Gardeners are trained to assist with a whole host of gardening services which include pruning, weeding, planting, feeding, tending to allotments, hedge cutting, hedge trimming, putting up trellises, mulching, laying decorative bark and planting consultation among others.

  • Garden clearance - They can also assist with garden clearance as having a messy garden can really lessen the appeal of your home both to yourself and to visitors. A well-maintained garden can also increase the value of your home.

  • Garden advice - Some companies offer gardening consultation services to advise on suitable new plants and changes that you would implement yourself.

  • Landscaping - landscape gardeners can also offer hard landscaping services such as laying new patios, new decking, new turf for a lawn or building garden buildings such as sheds and bike storage areas.

  • Garden design - Your gardener may also offer garden design services as well as maintenance services.

  • Jet washing - Jet washing can help to immediately improve the appearance of patios and gardens and is offered by many gardening companies.

  • Sourcing and supplying - Your gardener can also source and supply plants, trees, planters and other garden items such as sculptures for your garden.

  • Waste removal - Many firms can also remove huge amounts of waste as part of their services.

  • Benefits - Most gardening companies have a unique selling point and a specific reason to choose them over providers. These could include being a specialist in small gardens, formal gardens and country gardens.

  • Prices - Most gardeners do not offer exact prices on their websites as every garden is so different but they can give you a guideline.
    Contact methods - Professional gardening firms would offer several contact methods such as phone number, contact form and email on their website. They would also come back to you quickly to discuss the proposed work.

  • Organisation stamps - Gardening organisation membership can be proof of quality and high standard of work.

  • Training - It is a good idea to ask if the professional has some form of gardening training to give you peace of mind.

  • Read reviews - Take a look at the reviews on Bark or on the company’s website. Third-party reviews will give you a good overview of the company’s customer satisfaction and service quality.

  • Quotation - Most gardening professionals will do quotations as part of their service so you can explain in detail what you want to be done in the garden. The company will be able to give you a price estimate after an onsite visit.

You could look for gardeners with diplomas, associate degrees, bachelor degrees or certificates in horticulture, landscape design or garden design. The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) is the UK’s leading gardening charity and runs specialist gardening courses for basic and advanced level gardeners.

Before you choose a gardener, you could read testimonials and read details of their services on their website.

You could also use Bark to look at their profile page and gardening reviews from past customers too. This might also help you get some ideas for the gardening service you want to book.

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