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Are you organising an event and need a reliable private catering service? Perhaps you’re planning your wedding reception? Tell us what event you’re hosting, plus what food you need and the number of waiting staff required. We’ll find the best catering service near you.


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No two events are the same, which is why it’s important that you find the most appropriate private catering service for the occasion. From street food and pop-up food stalls to fine dining and Michelin star cuisine, there are many options in the world of catering. Whatever the occasion, there’s an ideal catering service for your event. All you have to do is find it, which is where Bark can help.

We use your search criteria to narrow down all the possible catering services in your area so that only the most relevant caterers remain. Some catering services may specialise in BBQ catering and locally sourced hog roasts. While others may be specialists in vegetarian dishes or gluten free cuisine. Whether you need buffet catering for a birthday party or corporate catering for a sit-down three course meal, we’ll find you the right service.

Think about facilities and equipment

The venue, as well as the type of event you’re organising, will determine what catering service you need. For smaller, private occasions such as birthday parties, engagement parties, funerals, wakes and religious celebrations, it might only be necessary to hire a catering company that supplies just the food. For these events, you may be able to provide all necessary cutlery, plates and glasses, as well as do all the preparation and cleaning yourself.

However, for larger events such as weddings and corporate functions, there will likely be too many people to supply all the equipment yourself. From serving dishes to tea and coffee urns, a professional catering service can bring all necessary equipment. Bigger events tend to be held at hotels or other large venues. These places usually have all the facilities that your chosen caterers will need, including kitchens, bars, tables and plenty of cutlery and wine glasses. Always check what equipment prospective catering services have, and ensure that they’re compatible with your event venue.

What do your guests need?

When it comes to event organising, the catering can often be the difference between success and failure. You’re likely to have many guests attending your event, and each guest will be expecting great tasting, high quality food. While some guests may be vegetarian or vegan, others may have food allergies or intolerances to lactose or gluten. It’s therefore crucial that you hire a catering service that can accommodate everyone’s dietary requirements.

It’s not all about the food. Drinks are just as important to the success of an event as the cuisine. From weddings to funerals to work parties, your guests will need a reliable supply of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Perhaps you need bar staff as well as waiting staff, or even a mixologist to create exotic cocktails. While many catering services can also provide drinks, not all of them do. Having as much information about each caterer is the only way to make the right choice. This is why we provide detailed profiles of all professionals, as well as customer reviews. This way, you know you’ll be hiring the ideal catering service.
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Redbreast Catering

Excellent service and great staff. I hired Redbreast to cater my wedding and a BBQ for our guests the following day. They were very well prepared and the food was delicious.

Hear from
a professional

How did you get into the catering industry?

We started as a two person operation mostly catering for our friends and families. These events were mainly birthday parties, engagement parties, christenings and other smaller occasions. It wasn’t long before we began to take on bigger jobs, and hired more staff. After several months, we were catering for events such as weddings, funerals and even formal corporate functions. Today, we’re an experienced team of 12 people, including gourmet chefs, professional waiting staff, and even a mixologist.

What are the biggest challenges when catering for an event?

One of the biggest challenges is calculating the right amount of food and drink for an event. Food waste can be a problem in the catering industry so it’s crucial that caterers prepare properly to ensure everyone is fed while also minimising waste. This is normally easier to do for sit-down meals with structured courses, but can be a little trickier with party style food such as with buffets and canapés. However, with experience and the right preparation, you can achieve both full bellies and virtually empty bins. Especially if the food is delicious like ours always is!

How do you ensure that you’re providing your customers with the best possible service?

For us, most of the hard work is done before the day of the event. From ordering only the best quality produce to ensuring all equipment is spotlessly clean, we put the hours in early. As the old adage goes, ‘if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. This includes ensuring that any guests with special dietary requirements are prepared for, all staff members are aware of the time schedule, and all food that can be prepared before the event is ready to go. Once that’s all taken care of, we can focus on providing delicious food and a professional service with a smile throughout the duration of the event.

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