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Avoiding water damage

The main purpose of guttering is to divert water away from a building. A blockage can cause water to overflow, damaging your roof or foundations. If you’ve noticed water damage to your home, one of the first steps you should take is to check your gutters.

In the event of any water damage, a professional will carry out swift repairs to your gutters. Professional gutter cleaning can also be carried out as preventative maintenance. A routine clean is a lot simpler than fixing any water damage and can save large amounts on future repairs.

Professional roof and gutter cleaning services will also ward off common pests. Are you concerned about the build-up of mosquitoes, cockroaches, or flies? Getting your gutters professionally cleaned could prevent a potential health hazard.

Preventing any further problems

A professional gutter cleaner will be proactive in identifying any potential issues. For instance, they may recommend that your roof needs new tiles. To avoid future problems, ask your professional about gutter guard installation. A gutter guard can prevent the build-up of large organic materials and debris.

Many professionals offer gutter cleaning as part of a range of services. Find out what other works they can carry out on your property. These may include window and fascia cleaning, tiling, and roofing.

Getting it right first time

A professional gutter cleaner will carry out a survey to identify what needs to be done. Once the blockage is cleared, a professional might find the gutter itself is damaged. If any part of your gutters need replacing, ask about the warranty on materials. This will ensure that you get long-term value from your new guttering.

According to the HSE's Work at Heights Regulations, no work can be completed without health and safety planning. A professional will take their time to thoroughly assess the situation before getting stuck in. Working at a certain height involves several risks. Before anyone climbs up a ladder, they must be sure that the roof is stable. Gutters will likely contain bacteria or mould, so cleaners may need masks.
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Straight Flush Gutter Cleaning

Straight Flush has over ten years of experience in window, roof, and gutter cleaning. Their work ranges from routine cleaning to emergency repairs for homes and commercial buildings.

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Do you have experience with certain kinds of clients?

We specialise in house gutter cleaning. Our customers tend to be homeowners who’ve noticed their gutters are overflowing. Nine times out of ten it’s just a matter of clearing out a blockage. However, people with clogged gutters often ignore the problem until it gets worse. That’s why we also offer small-scale roof repairs, to fix any existing water damage.

How often should someone have their gutters cleaned?

If someone notices their gutter is overflowing, they should get it cleaned as soon as possible. Even a small amount of overflow could cause irreparable water damage. If someone just wants to make sure their gutters don’t get clogged, we recommend they're cleared out at least twice a year.

Is gutter cleaning always best handled by professionals?

Gutter cleaning is always best left to the experts. Sometimes it takes more than just getting your hands dirty. A clogged gutter could be covering up cracks or erosion. It’s also a high-risk job for a multiple of reasons. Not only could you be several storeys off the ground, but the gutter could also contain a nasty surprise like a wasp’s nest. Getting the professionals in means the job will be done right the first time around.

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based on 385 reviews

Fast response and they are able to slot in job with very short notice. Job was very professional done. Will definitely recommend to others for their service.

28 Nov 2023

It was a good experience working with them. Very professional-clear and upfront about what the issue could be and the charges that it could incur. Even provided extra information about cleaning and Maintenance so that the parts my last longer. They are definitely going to be my go-to service provider for future plumbing issues.

07 Apr 2023

They were fabulous! The were punctual and very professional. They worked fast and well!

10 Jan 2023

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