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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021



Getting your brand out into the world is at the heart of everything we do. To drive your business forward, we translate your vision and ideas into a digital customer journey that captures the essence of your brand.

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6 customer reviews

22 September 2020

Excellent sales and after sales service. These guys really know what they’re doing! Couldn’t have asked for a better, more streamlined website for my business.

Stealth Media - Premium Websites Made Affordable - Your Non-Pushy Digital Marketing Agency
Stealth Media - Premium Websites Made Affordable - Your Non-Pushy Digital Marketing Agency

Reply from Stealth Media - Premium Websites Made Affordable - Your Non-Pushy Digital Marketing Agency

Hi Ross, Amazing working with you and your business. We are here to support you in the success of your business for the long term plus 24/7 complementary support

29 August 2020

Steath Media have gone above and beyond in doing my web page. Gaustav the owner is always ready to sort any issues out immediately. Communication is clear and nothing is too hard. They are accomodating, they produce what you ask for and always available. I am thrilled with my web page and wouldn’t have pursued one otherwise. More...

29 August 2020

Its so bad out there how many dodgy web developers promise you the world, quote low and never deliver. Stealth Media have fair pricing, build quality websites properly, are honest and informative throughout the process and offer far more than just a quality professionally built and designed website. No contracts or hidden fees and the websites are built to grow with your business with economical predictable fees which is only hosting and security. I learnt so much through the process and now my website is being found. I'm stoked. Thank you More...

28 August 2020

These guys are amazing. Helped us to get our website done correctly. If you want a site done or help definitely give then a call!

15 August 2020

If you need a website or a graphic design done you’d be well advised to contact Stealth Media they have been amazing and they are all so talented with what they do . . Venessa onboarded me and she is full of knowledge and made the process so easy . She has been so helpful and nothing was ever a problem even when I changed my mind on different aspects of the web design. When you get involved in a new web design it’s hard to know exactly what you want and she was able to “roll with the punches”.

My logo and branding was designed by Bobby their graphic designer, He took the time to understand my needs and communicated with me throughout the process . I’m grateful for his attention to detail and I am very pleased with my logo and branding guidelines, as a result of his professional skills and caring about his client’s needs.

The owner of Stealth Media Gustov also has shown his dedication to his clients when I wanted to meet up to discuss my website he was more than accommodating after meeting with him I walked away with so much valuable information that he shared with me .

Thank you Stealth Media I would recommend you to everyone

15 August 2020

It was brilliant. Having been ripped off by another company Stealth came to the party. Nothing was a problem, they listened, they connected with our products, recommended an awesome photographer. From day one Stealth Media were professional, understood the situation and the advice and ideas the presented energised us about how to re engage again. Our website looks professional and friendly. Feel free to check it out. Papoose.co.nz To Stealth, Gustav and Venessa we can’t thank you enough and happy to say you are genuine honest people who have their customers interest at the heart of your business.
Bill and Judi of Papoose Play Furniture

Stealth Media - Premium Websites Made Affordable - Your Non-Pushy Digital Marketing Agency
Stealth Media - Premium Websites Made Affordable - Your Non-Pushy Digital Marketing Agency

Reply from Stealth Media - Premium Websites Made Affordable - Your Non-Pushy Digital Marketing Agency

Judi & Bill - we loved working with you on your cool fun website and are here to support you on your journey to making Papoose a household name. Kind Regards, Stealth Media Team


Visuals as people buy with their eyes and a great layout is what makes a website user-friendly.

Potential clients want a well organized follow and structure, a design which is not cluttered but have a clean and professional approach.

Our websites are also built around a target audience to suit a specific market.

Your business is unique and your website needs to be to.

- Describe your business in a few sentences and if possible show us what you do.
- Do you currently have a website? If so, what is/isn’t working for you?
- What are your goals for this project?
- Who is your target audience?
- What specific features do you want on the site?
- How can we avoid failure?
- Who are your main competitors?
- What makes you different from your competitors?
- What’s the scope of the project?

There is nothing more satisfying than getting to the end goal, looking back at when a project was only a few scribbles and ideas to where we are now with a amazing design that the client loves and cant wait to showcase his/her new website to the world. That is what makes all those long hours worth it.

Having the drive to succeed and the skills to help other businesses and individuals get a great online presence they could be proud of was a big push in the right direction for me.

1. Our mission statement and ethos is built on delivering the highest quality online solution by digging deep to understand your business, where you are currently at, where you want to be and what your perfect customer looks like.
2. We are honest & fully transparent - We won’t baffle you with techie jargon, we won’t promise to deliver something we can’t realistically deliver; we won’t sell you anything we don’t believe will benefit your business; we have no hidden agenda’s; no sneaking contracts or small print and we always go the extra mile for our customers
3. We always deliver much more than is expected of us to produce a superior end product that really works for your business
4. We stray away from overused and obvious templated web platforms often hosted abroad to deliver a superior and highly unique custom website design that has the ultimate Google compatibility
5. All our work utilises best practice using the latest available technology and design techniques following current trends to appeal effectively to your target audience
6. We employ a vast array of experts that specialise in their fields with many years experience who constantly upskill keeping up with the latest technology and best practices.


Our web design solutions combine compelling web copy with appealing visuals and contemporary layout to fully engage your customers.

We provide professional, affordable options to Kiwi businesses in every sector. With our expert web designers, your website will deliver results - providing a great visitor-experience, generating leads and driving conversion while keeping your business competitive.

Stealth Media are experts in the field of Website Re-design. We’re the proverbial “plastic surgeons” of the World Wide Web and, if your website is up for a facelift or a remodel, we’ll happily slide it into our “surgical theatre”.

As a value added service, we also offer maintenance solutions to ensure that your site stays with current trends and remain as impressive as it started off to be.

Let us help you sell your products online.

With close to a decade’s experience in our field of expertise, the brainy bunch at Stealth Media has helped launch over 500 successful websites across the globe. Our knowledgeable team, the “Einsteins” of the Web, offer E-Commerce services through employing a variety of practises.

Whilst fingers of prospective customers do the virtual-browse walking, through E-Commerce Website Design we’ll help you…let your ecommerce website to the talking.

With some expert adjustments, we can improve the performance of your website. Based on analyses of your market sector and your website, we can create or modify your content to better target your potential customers.

SEO involves choosing and incorporating the most appropriate targeted keyword phrases for your website and employing tactics that make your site attractive to search engines. Then, when someone searches on specific phrases, it returns your website high on the list so customers can find it quickly and easily.

Great value hosting plans with free emails and backups. Reliable high-performing infrastructure to scale together with your hosting needs.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the backbone of our secure Internet and it protects your sensitive information as it travels across the world’s computer networks. SSL is essential for protecting your website, even if it doesn’t handle sensitive information like credit cards. It provides privacy, critical security and data integrity for both your website and your users’ personal information.

When an SSL certificate is used, the information becomes unreadable to everyone except for the server you are sending the information to. This protects it from hackers and identity thieves.

Google has announced that by the end of 2017 it will flag all unencrypted sites as not secure in the URL bar along with a red triangle warning symbol. This will make all website users aware that the site is not secure and will also impact your websites ranking on Google. Google also plans to make users more aware of a lack of SSL with more obvious notifications to website users moving forward.

When encrypting your website with SSL, we make sure we have the certificate signed by a credible online authority and our developers also check your website content to make sure everything is compatible with the encryption. This ensures that your visitors don’t get any security warnings when visiting your pages and that your website is fully secure.

As the saying goes, sharing is caring, and when it comes to Social Media we care about sharing.

Social Media Marketing Plan solutions focus on the effort to create content that not only attracts attention, but also encourages readers to share it across their Social Networks. Such sharing can result in having a few million, or a few billion views of your popular video on Youtube, and turn you into an overnight celebrity.

Wouldn't it be awesome to achieve the same results for your business, its services and its products?

In a world in which technology advances at immeasurable acceleration, Digital Marketing has become one of the most effective ways to engage with stakeholders. With such a vast variety of platforms to choose from, it can only be a loss to not go the digital way.

However, with an estimated 4,5 trillion online marketing campaigns served annually, the ability to impress beyond expectations, and stand out above the rest, has become a vital necessity. Our team of experts thrive on helping you achieve just that.

As branding is of vital importance, we’ll help you give your business its own, unique identity. It is our sole aim to make your business stand out from the crowd.

We'll even throw in a few of our terrific lead-generation strategies to assist you in landing high-quality leads to turn into sales. Our Digital Marketing solutions are a sure way to help enhance your revenue through various digital marketing strategies like email marketing as well.

Was there no proper planning, or no grand design in the production of motor vehicles, the wheels would most probably come off.

At Stealth Media, we are well aware of the fact that the needs and requirements, as well as the maturity and long-term goals of any business, may differ from those of others. Therefore our team will determine the strategic imperatives required to compile, and implement, a Business Strategy Plan to create and develop the ultimate online presence for your specific business.

We're a team of highly skilled and well-experienced professionals. Add to that 24/7 standby support, for real-time decision making, and you can rest assured that you’ll receive only the most suitable and most effective WEB Strategic Planning and WEB solution possible.

Billboards are one of the best ways to make sure you get your message out there are a great way for your business to catch people’s attention as it’s a large “in your face” format” which means that a commuter or walker will travel past it 10+ times per week and not miss it's message. While other types of media can be avoided its pretty hard not to see a Billboard, they compel your customers to take notice and action. With Digital Billboards we are able change your message daily, target specific groups of customers at certain times and include Social Media to give you interaction with your customers.

With 2+ million New Zealanders exposed to Bus advertising on a weekly basis which offers high exposure and recall it’s a great way to promote your brand. The general public notice bus adverts because they move and interestingly enough people prefer buses with advertising. Consumers are twice as likely to remember a moving ad, giving bus advertising the power to change people’s minds and shift brand preference.

The beauty of bus ads are your ad can be placed on multiple sides of the bus - on the back, curbside, roadside or the entire bus can be wrapped in your ad. This diversity allows advertisers to reach pedestrian and motorists specific to their campaign objectives. Bus audiences are diverse and this product set is best suited to advertisers seeking broadcast reach amongst multiple demographics.

Delivering unrivalled scale and reach across New Zealand’s only network of Street Furniture, we have the broadest coverage providing advertisers with mass reach under-pinned by smart, innovative campaign solutions and audience targeting, enabling them to connect with audiences as they drive by, walk by or stand by.

Facebook and instagram Digital marketing

Billboards across New Zealand

Appeal to your target market seamlessly

Custom website development for all online platforms and websites like booking systems for events, accommodation, coaching, training