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Southcoast Scaffolding


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3 November 2022

Terrible customer service - the office woman is rude and does not want to deal with anything and nothing is their fault. Would not recommend.

14 March 2022

Not impressed. For the last week we have had scaffolding around the front and side of house - your workers got the address wrong and we have had tomput up with scaffolding for the last week. There was no knock on the door this morning when your workers arrived, they just opened the back gate let one of the dogs out and proceeded to tell me that they were going to erect scaffolding for the back of the house. I told them that it was the wrong address and I would like the equipment gone. No card was left when the scaffolding began hence not knowing who the scaffolding belonged to in the first instance. Totally unprofessional and if i were to rate you it would be a big fat zero. Oh and thanks for the non apology for having been inconvenienced for the last week.
Next time get the address for correct because clearly the scaffolding was not ment for Malvern st, Woodhaugh Dunedin.