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Eating a healthy, balanced diet starts with knowing what has the most nutritional value to improve your mental health and physical wellbeing.

As a registered nutritionist I will help you feel confident making informed decisions about what you eat and empowered to make lasting changes in your diet.

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18 August 2023

Nutritionists & Dietitians

Nice, considerate, concise person who knows they're stuff.

15 April 2022

Nutritionists & Dietitians

Super fast contact. Awesome information. Ranee explains things clearly and her recommendations are great. It is straight-up nutrition!
Exactly what we were looking for.

22 November 2020

Nutritionists & Dietitians

I'm still with kai totika straight up nutrition. It is exactly as it's called straight up. I'm losing weight. Have energy to burn. And yet plenty of Real food.

12 November 2020

Nutritionists & Dietitians

Fabulous. Really nice person, easy to talk to. No pressure or guilt. Realistic goal for me.as the person she has got to know.
Looking forward to continuing working on my health.


More and more research is showing that the food we consume is affecting not only our physical health but also our mental health. I'm passionate about providing fact based information to ensure people are fully informed about the food choices they are making for themselves and their families.

I love meeting people and helping them achieve their goals. It's something I was born to do.

There are so many so called experts out there giving out the wrong or misguided information. I trained as a nutritionist because I wanted to ensure people could talk to a professional who's advice is based on research and facts - not fads and opinions.

I am a daughter, wife, mother and stepmother, I have worked full-time, part-time, been unemployed and an adult student. I've had personal experience with being overweight, underweight, mental health issues, IBS and food allergies. I have experience with the ups and downs of life and I know how hard it is to put your own self first whilst juggling the demands of everyday life. I have a great deal of empathy for people who want to change but struggle - this is why I want to help you.

Consultations can be held in my office or via video/phone.


| Increase your energy levels and maintain them all day | Keep the hunger at bay and feel satisfied for longer | Stopping the sugar cravings | Pantry makeover | Smarter, healthier shopping within your budget

Feel good in your own skin and have energy to do the things you love

Are you confused by all the diet advice available today? Maybe you’ve tried some of them and they just aren’t working for you. It’s time to leave all that behind!

Losing weight is not easy, I know! I spent years trying to get the ‘perfect’ body and I have learnt what works and what doesn’t. I don’t believe in fad diets, I believe in a holistic approach to weight loss where we look at where you’ve come from and determine where you want to be. We’ll take your entire lifestyle into consideration and together we’ll develop a plan, breaking down the barriers to your success and overcoming challenges.

You will develop a healthy relationship with food that nourishes your body and leaves you feeling great.

Focus on your gut feeling!

Gut health is my passion! I firmly believe that a healthy gut leads to a healthy mind and body and recent research supports this!

Do you suffer from bloating, or regularly have an upset stomach? This could indicate a digestive issue. You could be missing out on essential nutrients which can mess with your mood, decrease your immunity and affect your overall health.

Together, we can work out your trigger foods and which foods work best for you. Learn about pro-biotics, pre-biotics and what you need to know to beat the bowel-blues.

Boost your energy, focus, and mental clarity
More and more research is emerging that shows a relationship between the food we eat and our mental health.

Busy lifestyles are often blamed for our mid afternoon energy slump, difficulty in keeping focused on a task, or being so tired you just can’t think. We may blame our hormones for that low-mood or frequent mood swings but did you know you can change this with some simple changes in your diet?

Choosing the right foods can balance our blood sugar levels which can help maintain our energy and mental focus. A balanced healthy diet can help reduce the mood swings and bring your hormones back into balance.

Learn to choose foods that allow you to take control of your life, give you the energy you need to be the best version of you.

Weather you have menstruation issues, or menopause is creating havoc with you daily life I can help you understand what is happening and give you strategies to minimise the effects. You'll also learn how to improve your energy levels, balance your hormones, and maintain a healthy weight for life.

Give your family the best opportunity to thrive.

Our relationship with food starts at a very early age so establishing healthy eating routines is important for every family. With today’s busy lifestyle it can be difficult to create healthy balanced meals for the whole family. Juggling work, shopping, kids activities and getting a bit of time in for you, can send us to prepackaged foods with unpronounceable ingredients.

* Stuck for ideas for dinner? I can help you plan quick, easy and healthy for meals when time is short.
* Fussy eating? no problems. We can get your toddler, child or teen (or maybe fussy adults) eating foods that nourish their growing bodies and minds.
* Creating healthy meals on a budget? Become a master of the budget grocery shopping list ensuring you are getting the most nutrition from the foods you are buying and feeding your family.
* Feel in control.
* Shop smarter, understand nutritional labels, ensure you know exactly what you and your family/whanau are eating.