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GrowMore is a leading recruitment agency that is committed to the highest standards of recruitment. We ensure that every process is sound and well-organized, so you can rest assured knowing Growmore will provide only top quality candidates for your company’s needs!

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17 customer reviews

9 March 2023

Great service, very pleased with the outcome with GrowMore. They're very attentive to detail and helped me quickly find a suitable role.

24 February 2023

I highly recommend GrowMore Recruitment to any organisation looking for a reliable and effective recruitment partner. Their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction are truly unmatched!

21 February 2023

Excellent service, thank you GrowMore for helping us hire our support team members. Maria and her team did a fantastic job, quality of hire is amazing!

14 February 2023

I had the pleasure of working with GrowMore Agency and I was blown away by their expertise and dedication to helping businesses succeed. They provided a full-stack solution that covered all aspects of my business needs, from digital marketing to tech automation and recruitment. The results were remarkable, and I saw significant growth in a short period of time. I highly recommend GrowMore to any business looking for a comprehensive solution to drive growth and achieve success. More...

27 October 2021

Amazing team!
I highly recommend Nikita.
The guidance he gave me helped a lot.
He is very professional

1 May 2021

Огромное спасибо за профессиональный подход и скорость! Все (CV, Cover letter и LinkedIn) было сделано в кратчайшие сроки! Я даже не думала, что так бывает! Всем рекомендую! More...

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26 April 2021

Got 4 quotes from Auckland and Wellington based cv writers and GetHired was the best priced for the value I received. Extremely professional service and fast turnaround so was pleased with the outcome. Would recommend to anyone looking to really improve their chances of getting interviews for jobs. More...

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14 April 2021

Very much enjoyed working with the GetHired team. Nikita was forthcoming with what was required and worked quickly to come back to me with a completed CV. He also gave me quite useful tips and tricks on how to approach my job search, so I'm thinking that I'll be ordering some of his 1:1 coaching sessions as well. More...

17 March 2021

Fantastic service! Got in touch with GetHired and within a couple of hours they were updating my old - train wreck of a resume. They also spruced up my cover letter and helped me optimise my linkedin. Very professional and great value for money, very excited with my new documents and updated online presence. More...

8 March 2021

Highly recommend GetHired to get your documentation in order before applying for a new vacancy. I made an enquiry and Nikita got in touch overnight. They reviewed my existing CV and explained the process. The communication was fast and constant, and I was very happy with the result. They also do incredible LinkedIn profiles plus he gave me a lot of free advice on how to improve my job search strategy which I was very thankful for. Use them, you won’t be sorry. More...

3 March 2021

I found out about GetHired after my ex-colleague put me on to them at the end of last year, when our team got disestablished due to Covid-19. I actually thought that my documents were perfect for getting a new role but after many rejections during the last 4 months, I finally spoke with Nikita who completely revamped my CV and Cover Letter and gave me extremely useful job search tactics that identified all the mistakes I was making when approaching recruiters. Almost 3 weeks have now passed and I’m extremely happy to say that I’ve finally got a job offer! Thank you to Nikita and GetHired for making this happen! More...

1 March 2021

For the best advice on how to update your CV and optimise your LinkedIn profile contact Nikita Leiman. He was more than willing to assist me from the beginning, and his advice never stop. He responded on every question I had in professional and super fast way. Thank you once again for your great service Nikita. More...

15 January 2021

I strongly recomend GetHired and Nikita Leiman to all who are struggling with finding a new job. He is a great professional, who helps you with all neuances of the job searching processes. You will see the results as soon as you start using his advice, with his recomendations and help it is guranteed that you will find a job of your dream and be hired! More...

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17 June 2020

Nikita has done a fantastic job helping me to brush up on my CV and LinkedIn profile. He is a very friendly person and an exceptional professional. Couldn't be happier about working with Nikita. More...

Reviewed on Facebook

11 June 2020

Nikita is amazing. If anyone genuinely cares to prepare a unique CV, know that you are on the right page to ask for help.

Reviewed on Facebook

27 May 2020

Nikita has an exceptional expertise of bringing out the best from the candidates. I achieved my first role as a Digital Campaign Manager under his guidance. Nikita helped me in the preparation of my CV and Portfolio. He also guided me on do's and don'ts in the interview and advised me on updating LinkedIn profile for a good exposure in the industry. Nikita's unique strength is that he listens to his candidates and understands their situations and expectations. I would highly recommend Nikita to anyone who is on the hunt for their next career opportunity. More...

Reviewed on Facebook

27 May 2020

Nikita knows what he is doing, very friendly. Great tips, highly valued the advice!

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We love helping candidates get their dream jobs and companies hire amazing talent. We recruit talent across several industries, from tech to hospitality and more! With a client database as large as ours, we always find the right talent for the job!

We are very passionate about owning the end-to-end recruitment process for growing organisations, focusing on customer centricity and using fit for purpose recruitment techniques that lead to excellent, long-term hires for the businesses I work with.

Our focus has also always been to create the best possible experience for candidates, which I think constantly shows when it comes to filling roles and creating new opportunities for job seekers.

GrowMore is committed to the highest standards of recruitment. We ensure that every process is sound and well-organized, so you can rest assured knowing Growmore will provide only top quality candidates for your company’s needs!

Innovation, creativity and passion are at the heart of everything we do. We take pride in being recognised as solution providers who give our clients a competitive edge through innovation-driven solutions that are both creative yet practical for any business challenge or opportunity. Our people have passion, energy , enthusiasm – it goes without saying that we act with honesty & integrity! The team also has many years of national or international experience.

We use our knowledge and experience to promote you as an employer of choice in the market. Using all available channels we can quickly reach out across important markets to make sure you have access to new talent locally, nationally or even internationally if necessary.

We are proud to say that our individual consultant networks form a large part of the talent pool we present. We share their expertise amongst team members so they can help you succeed!

When it comes to recruiting, GrowMore Marketing has your back. Our team is engaged for each drive and will use all of our resources—graphic designers, copywriters, social media managers and digital marketing specialists to help you improve your brand identity within today’s marketplace while bringing fresh talent to you.

In addition our Grow More Technology business unit provides real time technical expertise to our recruitment team members including the implementation of custom made applicant tracking system flows which improve hiring speed, streamline process and enhance employee experience.

Our services are provided in office or remotely so we're very flexible and work in a manner most suitable to our clients. Just send us a note on contact@growmo.re or chat to us on any of our social media channels to discuss our services.

We undertook a risk assessment of our business to help better inform our decisions and control measures. We individually communicated the new policies to all our clients as well as via social media around changes to our methods of operation, including all our consultations to be done remotely online and all payments to be handled through our chatbot or through direct bank deposits to reduce the spread of the virus and help keep them and our consultants safe.

You can read more about our business continuity here: https://recruitment.growmo.re/business-continuity-planning.


We help to hire long-term talent to grow with your company.

At GrowMore Recruitment, we have a team of professional recruiters who are experts at finding the right candidates for our clients. We use the latest technology and tools to source candidates from all over the world.

We have a rigorous pre-selection process that includes personal interviews, background checks and reference checks. We create individual personality profiles for each candidate.

We also offer a free consultation service to help our clients choose the right candidates for their organisation. Contact us today to learn more about our permanent placement services.

We help to reinforce your in-house team.

Our staff augmentation services are supported by the latest technology that helps us screen candidates that will be a valuable addition to your existing teams.

Our extensive database has innumerable skilled and trained candidates suited for different business roles and technical skills.

Our staff augmentation services offer agile, dynamic, ethical and responsible professionals who will help increase the quality of your products or services.

We fill in the gaps in your company’s workforce.

We have skilled professionals at the ready and a range of temporary staffing as well as contractor resourcing options to help meet your unique needs. We can also help you quickly and easily add remote talent.

Our highly skilled professionals are capable of working remotely from anywhere and we have talent solutions that enable them to securely access necessary data and applications regardless of your setup, including virtual workspaces.

Business relocation to Georgia alone can be expensive and time-consuming but not when there’s GrowMore Recruitment’s all-inclusive moving service.

We are committed to helping companies relocate and grow their operations in a business-friendly country. Our team of experts will work with you every step of the way, from finding the perfect location to setting up your business and getting everything up and running.

Book a free consultation today to learn more about how we can help you to relocate your business to Georgia and download our free white paper for more information on how your company can succeed here!

The global EoR offers a new way for employers to legally and efficiently engage with talent in any location without having set up local entities or risking violating local employment laws.

The employer of record maintains control over day-to-day management tasks such as compensation, position duties, projects, performance evaluation systems etc, while still treating employees like one cohesive unit under their authority by providing them employee benefits.

Volume recruitment is the quickest and most cost-effective way for businesses to rapidly grow their workforce and achieve their goals.

At GrowMore, we understand the importance of hiring people who fit the position. Our team of professional recruiters will work closely with you to understand your exact needs, develop a strategy to find the right candidates, and ensure the process is efficient and successful.

We will provide you with all the necessary tools and resources to create a successful recruitment process.