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fwcreative/frankworks has been in operation since early 2016, providing a suite of services to kiwi business owners, but especially tradies and utilities businesses, mainly because of our no BS approach.

Our mission is to deliver personalised, impactful advice and services to kiwi businesses, with authenticity, sincerity and honesty.

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14 April 2020

Laura looks after all our multimedia ideas from the concept, design to the launch of the campaigns.

She is incredibly efficient with a friendly professional manner that adds value to our business.

Laura is integral in helping us guiding through the new way business is conducted online and always passionate about making a success.

13 April 2020

We could not be more happy to recommend and work with Laura and her team. They are passionatie, creative and work is second to none!
We love that we can always have an honest and frank discussion about us and our business and get the best results and deliver a professional but real imagine of our business.
Happy to be contacted should you have any questions.
Many thanks and massive thanks to Laura and the team!

frankworks | consult & create

Reply from frankworks | consult & create

Thank you so much Judy! <3

9 April 2020

Generally I give the Frankworks Creative team a very wide brief. I feel I give them (too) little information to work with, just a general overview of what I want, and every time they have managed to read my mind and produce EXACTLY what I wanted first time. They ALWAYS exceed expectations. I am continually amazed at how they get things right first time where every other company I have dealt with in the past result in endless frustrating revisions trying to get to where I want. Every time I see the results I love working with Frankworks Creative even more. The team is always on the pulse of latest trends and are simply awesome to deal with. Thanks team, you are amazing and make my life so much easier. More...

frankworks | consult & create

Reply from frankworks | consult & create

Thank you so much Rob!

9 April 2020

Laura has worked on multiple design projects for my business including a website, social media, flyers, posters, signage, pretty much everything! Her work is always completed to a very high standard, she is super creative and knows exactly what I want with minimal directive. She always completes projects in a timely manner even if it is thrown at her last minute. She always goes above and beyond and I can't recommend Laura and Frank Works Creative enough. More...

frankworks | consult & create

Reply from frankworks | consult & create

Thank you Tess x


Speedy loading times, concise content and a clean design that still speaks to your brand.

Your website should be a reflection of your brand (or of you, if you are the brand) so that customers and your audience get a consistent experience when interacting with your business online, or offline.

Anyone who lands on your site should know exactly what you do, and they should get a good feel for how you operate, as soon as they land on your site.

That's what we do - we pull all of these bits together for you to make a site that you can be proud of.

This is dependent on the type of project, but usually, we will ask questions to help us understand who you are as a business owner and who "you" are as a business. That will help us to understand the personality of your business, which we then use as a baseline for any work we do with you going forward.

If we're working with you on branding and/or design:
We'll work with you to make sure that we're developing a cohesive tone and image for your brand that is also true to who you are, or who your business is in person. We'll make sure your design imagery is on point and that your business can be identified in a crowd, quickly.

If we're working with you on business growth or consulting:
We'll ask you questions about your pain points - what's working, what's not working, and what your immediate and short term goals are.

Then, we'll work with you to figure out the best approach to move forward - based in our experience and recommendations, as well as the reality of your here and now (budget, timeframes and resource).

If you have fires to put out, we'll help you grab some extinguishers. If you need a fire truck and a crew, we'll find them too.

We tend to follow a non-scripted approach, which we appreciate is quite different from the norm, but we don't have a pumped-up workflow to push clients through because each client is different. Tastes, personalities, goals/expected outcomes, budgets.. the list goes on.

That's not to say we don't have a process. We do, it's just pretty flexible. It goes something like this:
1. You give us a brief - a description of work you want done.
2. We will clarify any information we need from you so we can start work.
3. We will draft the product and then send it to you for feedback.
4. We will make any iterations you ask for and we will send the revised draft back. We will keep doing this until you are happy with the final result!
5. Once you're happy, we can deliver the final product to you or to a third party (for example, we can send the files straight to a printer).

(P.S. We can arrange printing and shipping or pickup of your printing too - just one of the things we do to add value!)

Where you fit in the process:
Anywhere you like. If you're a customer who wants maximum involvement and a high level of sign off, we can provide it.
If you're a customer who wants to throw a brief over the fence and leave us to it, we are highly adept at responding to that too.

The better we know you, the better result you'll achieve.

For all work:
A brief about what you're after with key information included, such as what the work is, what size it is, when you need it by, and what key information it needs to include or convey.

For example, if you want a poster made, we'll need to know what size, by when and what information (roughly) you'd like on it.

If we're doing design or print work:
Any copies you have of your current logo (preferably in EPS, AI or PSD format), and the names of any fonts specific to your business branding.

We will likely want to see examples of previous work done (if you want us to continue in that aesthetic), but if you're looking for something new, then we just need a vague idea of what "new" means to you - for example, if you want it really bright or really dark - lots of colours, not many colours - simple stuff.

If we're doing web design work:
We'll need all of the above, and a few conversations (or workshops) to go through your requirements - both current and future. For example, if you plan to move to an e-commerce model in the future, we will need to ensure that whatever we design today is built on a platform that allows for an e-commerce option in future.

Working with people who are passionate about their product/service and who, in most cases, are chasing their dreams. We love a good kiwi success story!

After working in corporate, I (Laura) had seen a lot of big budgets in marketing and sales, and through social circles, had been introduced to a number of smaller business owners who really battled to find someone to help them design and execute their marketing. Often when they did find someone, that company or individual would only deliver one or two components across the whole spectrum of what was needed.

One of the things I never really understood - in big business and small - was how anyone could charge into marketing a product or service for someone without actually having a full understanding of what that product or service was, or how the company or people behind it interacted with their customers.
For example, there's little point having a stiff, corporate, "heavy-handed" marketing approach for a business when really, the people running it are salt of the earth tradies who just want to get in, get the work done well, and leave you to carry on in peace. How could anyone purport to know the best approach for you if they haven't spent time getting to understand you?

A lot of design and marketing businesses are often too focused on delivering the latest/greatest/trendiest aesthetic to their customers (which means everyone ends up looking exactly the same). In some cases that might be the right fit, but in other cases, it can mean companies end up with logos just for logos-sakes.

I believe in only providing you with what you actually need, not something that will just make me or my portfolio look good.

What I have discovered since starting the company is that, fairly consistently, small business owners need help solidifying their product offering before they are ready to market it effectively; we will not take money from customers to market a product that we don't understand, which is where we offer workshops or one on one work to clarify the total package before we market it.

1. We will not take your money unless we believe we can add value or deliver you a return on your investment.

2. We will always be fair, transparent, honest and to the point in our dealings with you.

3. We will not force you down a path you don't want to go down. We will make recommendations to you based on our expertise and our understanding of the best "next move" for you and your business.

4. Our rates will always be competitive, but fair. We wouldn't expect you to give away your products or services for free - please don't ask us to do the same.

5. We do not hold you to contracts (with the exception of things like annual hosting fees for websites - these we have to charge you annually if we are paying them on your behalf).

6. Most importantly, we're humans. That means that if we make a mistake (and we might), we will cop to it and we will make it right. We won't play blame games - we're adults. We will take responsibility and we will sort it out. Simple.


We give you corporate expertise without all of the overhead. Whether you know you need help with your business, you have some ideas you want to bounce around, or you need advice related to a specific issue, we give you sensible, seasoned advice and provide level heads to help you clear the path so you can get on with it. No BS, no messing around.

Need to review your business plan, sales plan and/or marketing plan? Never had one and want one - or maybe people are asking you for one? Maybe things are going well and you just want to take the next steps for the business and you don't know where to start.

You don't need to trawl the web for business plan templates anymore. We'll workshop a plan with you, based on your specific business situations, in simple terms, in a few hours.

We'll work out the right track together, and then we can help you stay on it. Simple.

We offer one-on-one or paired (2 of us) advisory sessions to give you ongoing support - which is really useful if you're going through some changes, or have some coming (or know you need some).

No one enjoys running a business without having other people around them to challenge them, push them and support them.

The best people to have around you are people who aren't as close to your business as you are - balanced perspectives are really important in driving growth.

We can be your go-to business advisors on terms you choose - weekly, monthly - whatever works for you and your business.

Sorting out your business plan, product set and sales/marketing strategy are three really critical components in growing your business. The other bit is people.

We're all human, so we make mistakes, we get grumpy, we snap at people, we say things we don't mean. We've got a bank of tips and tricks to help you get back into the productive zone and to help you work through some of the stuff that's throwing up red flags for you at work.

If you have staff who you see potential in, we can help them work past obstacles, get a little insight into how they work, operate and respond to business challenges, and through all of that, we can help them grow their potential - which will help you grow the business.

If you'd like to have a chat about coaching options for your business, then let's sit down.

Your customers chose you out of a sea of other options, so you should remind them (without spamming them) every now and then that you exist, that you're available to buy from and, it never hurts to add a little insight into what you've been doing or have coming up.

Whether you want ongoing monthly newsletters, or just one here and there to make sure your customers remember you, we package up the whole lot - graphic design to match your newsletter to your branding, and professionally designed graphics to suit the content in each newsletter - as well as the bit that takes the time: the copy/content creation.

We draft the newsletter according to what you want discussed, or what we know you have going on or coming up, then you proof the draft and we publish.

We can also integrate our newsletters to Facebook Ads and make sure it's published to your social channels, giving you better insight over your digital audiences.

If you have never done email newsletters, we can set you up for a one-off fee of $150 ex GST. That includes importing your client list and designing and creating your first template according to your brand. You own all of the accounts and all of the client lists, and you always have control over your data.

Fresh content is a great way to keep your social media and website relevant and up to date. No matter the industry you're in, blogs are a great way to build credibility and offer a snippet of the services you can offer potential customers.

The problem isn't that you don't have anything to talk about - the issue is more likely that you don't have time to write it down. We can work with you to get your content into a blog platform on your website, or into articles for circulation on your social media (or to agencies).

We've worked with clients before to research & write content ourselves, but we've also worked with clients who prefer to be interviewed and have us translate the transcription to blog/article format, accompanied by any necessary graphics, then drafted, proofed by the client and published by us.

"I need marketing" is a big, broad, bully of a statement.

If you know exactly what you're selling, then we will deliver targeted marketing campaigns to reach the people who are most likely to react. We can work with just about any medium or marketing channel, and can give you one-off marketing services (like coming up with a one-time social media campaign, or a flyer drop to a local neighbourhood), right through to multiple-month, multi-channel campaign projects.

We will work with very small budgets (from $100 of media spend per month) to large budgets, and we will always make recommendations to you that we believe will get you the highest return on investment.

We're in the no-BS business, which means if we think your products aren't ready to go to market, or that the marketing campaign you have in mind won't return as much as you're hoping, we'll tell you that before sinking any of your money into marketing.

Google Adwords is Google's advertising system. It allows you to bid on certain keywords to make your advertisement appear at the top of search results.

Adwords allows you to get your brand in front of the people who matter. You only pay for the ads that are clicked on making it an extremely cost-effective marketing tool.

We have monthly management plans for a media spend of $100 - $1,500+. The plans range from $100 per month to $520 per month ex GST, and for a small one-off setup of $99 (3-month term) or $149 (open term), we can have you up and humming in no time.

Google Display Networks (GDN) ads appear on over two million websites and in over 650,000 apps. Google Display Network reaches 90% of internet users worldwide.

Your ads can be served as either text, banners in Gmail or through apps. Your specified audience can be targeted through key word searches, interests, geographical location, demographics and re-marketing. Display Networks can help get your brand, products and services noticed and encourage action to be taken.

Our plans for GDN are the same as our Google Adwords plans, but with the added bonus that any creative required is included in the price and designed by our in-house team of professional graphic designers. Simple, right?

Ahh, the mighty "boost" button in Facebook. A great way to quickly, and sometimes effectively, reach a large audience, but not the most efficient use of your spend.

We have a team with ample experience in running targeted, specific social campaigns across platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, which means we can get you far higher return on your marketing dollar than the boost button can offer - often 100% to 300% better than what you might be able to achieve alone.

Through a combination of digital expertise, strategy, professional graphics and copy, and a keen understanding of who your business really needs to be presented to, we've got a strong track record in social campaigns across multiple platforms for our clients.

We can offer hourly rates for one-off campaigns (you don't need to bring your social media management to us either), or we can bundle it up in your social management on a monthly basis.

Aside from the usual channels already covered, we can offer competitive rates on digital advertising that extends beyond the social and Google sphere. We work with a number of partners and service providers who can give us access to a multitude of digital platforms. Depending on what you're looking to achieve, we can craft a digital campaign that utilises the best-fit networks for you. Get in touch today to have a chat about your next digital step!

Having us manage your social means you don't have to think about it. Period. We take on all the hard work and run with it. That means you and your team can focus on the important stuff - like running your business.

Our packages are contract-free and prices vary, in line with how many platforms you want us to manage, how active you'd like our management to be (for example, if you want us to respond to messages within a certain window), and what type of content you'd like us to produce (video and blog content, for example, means more effort and more cost).

We charge a one-off setup fee of $150 ex GST, which includes an initial one-page strategy for you and your team, an audit/tidy up of your current page, and brand alignment (changing your graphic elements and info to better fit your brand). If you don't have any social presence, we'll setup your page for you and deliver all of the above for the same fee.

You always retain control of your page and can still post whenever you like - we'll just give you some guidelines around how often to post and what type of content.

We have some amazing, qualified creatives on our team. We can help you develop a logo or help you brand or re-brand your entire business. We can complete one-off design projects for you (posters, signage, graphics for your website, brochures or anything else), or we can be your outsourced ongoing design team. Any work that needs a designer, big or small, we've got you covered.

We offer hourly rates for one-off work, flat-rate packages for project-based work and monthly ongoing rates to retain us as your outsourced graphic design arm - something we've been doing since waaaay before it was cool - contact us today to chat about what we can design for you!

Don't let your website be one of the reasons why people won't buy from you.

Your website doesn't need to have all the bells and whistles, but it does need to be easy to navigate, information needs to be readily available and it should be mobile-friendly, with speedy loading - at the absolute minimum.

We can rebuild sites or we can build sites from scratch. All of our site packages include some graphic design work to tidy up your imagery and branding, and will often include content/copywriting.

We can build on WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, Webflow or, we can develop something for you outside of one of these editors. We can deliver simple & traditional sites, landing pages, multi-page beasts, ecommerce sites or complex membership-based or paywalled sites.

With our SEO experts in the wings and digital advertising options, we can add-on a number of services that will give your site the competitive edge.

Get in touch with us today to see what we can do for your web presence.

The end result of good SEO is that your website will gain a larger market share organically whilst supporting paid advertising such as AdWords.

Your website is open 24/7. People will be searching for your product or service continually.

To ensure you are catching all of these eyes your website needs to place on the first page of search results for desktop, mobile and tablet.

We provide a site audit service which includes on-page optimisation (ensuring you have the correct keywords in content), off-page optimisation (external links to websites seen by search engines as having high authority) and content strategy (does your content truly reflect what your potential clients are searching for?). Contact us for our latest audit rates.

During this audit we go through your website and provide recommendations on how to implement correct SEO strategy, all of which will help to bump you up the ranks - greater exposure, greater potential for leads!