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Yoga Kawa is a Canadian leader in yoga teacher training, corporate and condo yoga services. We empower businesses and brands to succeed in building a productive and positive environment at work and places of residence.

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Lisa Chan

14 October 2019

it's a wonderful experience. the instructor echo is so nice and professional. 6 lovely puppies around us and yoga together. it's a lot of fun and smile we are looking for the next class More...


Mercedes Barreras Vescovi

23 September 2019

I took my daughter and her friend to Puppy Yoga this past weekend and they LOVED it! They didn’t want to leave! Echo is a great yoga instructor so not only did we get to play with the puppies we also got a good yoga session. We have already decided to go back for the next session. I highly recommend it! More...


Christine Scott

23 September 2019

Echo did such an amazing job of mixing proper yoga time with puppy play time. The kids felt safe and comfortable with the pets and the moves. Cannot recommend enough!


Ryan Wilson-Perkin

11 September 2019

We had a wonderful time at a recent puppy yoga class. It was a surprise for my partner and she had a lot of fun practicing and petting the dogs. Thank you to Yoga Kawa for hosting us! More...


Neela JP

10 September 2019

Echo is an amazing instructor, she was genuine and answered all my questions very quickly. The yoga class is great for all levels of fitness + the motivation of puppies!


Andrea Tang

9 September 2019

Amazing experience! If you want puppy cuteness overload, this is the place to be!


Marcela E. Cervantes

8 September 2019

Wonderful Puppy Yoga class. I loved it. They make sure you get a good class while enjoying the puppies who are well taken care too. I’ll comeback soon thanks for taking care of all the details necessary to make this an amazing experience. More...


Vanessa Sigurdson

25 July 2019

Great class for our office in the middle of the day. Poses were curated to target typical symptoms of those of us who sit in front of a computer all day. I left feeling great and ready to get back to work! More...


Dave Stubbs

11 July 2019

A couple years ago our family decided to give each other experiences, instead of things. For Cheryl’s Birthday we have her Puppy Yoga and it was one of the best experiences, so far. Echo was wonderful! We thoroughly enjoyed her instruction. In fact, we enjoyed it so much that the girls and I decided to start doing yoga on a regular basis. Thanks for that... you’ve set us on a fantastic course and helped make a birthday event as inspiring as it was memorable. https://www.instagram.com/p/BzotniLgnGq More...


Sydney Fuller

8 July 2019

Amazing puppy yoga class! Would highly recommend. I will be back! I loved how they made sure everyone got time with the puppies! I left feeling so full of joy ❤️ More...


Lisa Schwartz

8 July 2019

Puppy yoga was such a fun experience! I’ve gone twice so far and would definitely go back again for more! During both sessions, the puppies were so adorable and well-behaved. The staff made sure that everyone got to spend time with the puppies during the class, and helped us take photos with them at the end. Also, the instructor, Echo, was amazing! I left feeling so happy and relaxed; I would definitely recommend it! More...


Victoria Marinelli

8 July 2019

Absolutely fantastic! The people are super nice and are great with the puppies! We had 6 puppies in a class of about 15 and the assistants were great with rotating the puppies and making sure that everyone got quality time with them. The puppies were the sweetest and very well trained. Would totally recommend to everyone! More...


Blenda Ch

24 June 2019

Yoga Kawa was super fun and a great way to exercise. Echo is such a wonderful instructor.


Susan Chung

23 June 2019

I recently attended a Puppy Yoga session and it was AMAZING! I never smiled and laughed so much and also got in some great yoga stretches at the same. Echo is an amazing instructor and I can't wait to do it again! More...


Valerie Ng

26 February 2019

“Yesterday I finally attended a yoga class offered by my company and to my surprise, Echo was my instructor. She started us off with some relaxing stretches and poses and made sure that we set our intentions before we proceeded any further. I normally attend Moksha hot yoga and this class was different. We focused a lot on stretching, strengthening, posture and stability. The poses were challenging but rewarding. More...


Aileen Samun

22 February 2019

I'm very new to yoga and I got hooked! Echo is an amazing teacher with a very calm, relaxing voice, great choice of music, and the exercises were very effective. Highly recommend!


Lina Wong

13 February 2019

Echo is awesome! Her classes can accommodate all levels. I have found my flexibility has greatly improved by attending her classes.


Matt Pries

7 February 2019

Yoga Kawa was a great experience . As a first timer , I found it easy to keep up, but to go at my own pace, and the results have been wonderous. I feel much more productive and engaged in my work after a session. And definietly inspired to make yoga more of my active life in 2019! More...


Yeni Gonzalez

7 February 2019

Echo is amazing ! I will recommend everybody to take her class. Great instructor, great class. Doesn’t matter if you are new or advance.


Eamon Wild

22 January 2019

Even though I was trying Yoga for the first time, I found the breathing exercises to be helpful in making me feel relaxed. The partner exercise helped alleviate the tightness in my neck and shoulders from being hunched over my computer. The instructor was encouraging and provided direction in a way that didn’t feel rushed. This is a yoga session that I would definitely recommend to all my colleagues. More...


Traci Macfarlane

20 January 2019

Echo is a great yoga teacher and she provides our condo with great teaches, with all different styles. We love having different styles of yoga to choose from, and the teachers are open to ideas and suggestions, which is great.


Mandie SF

15 January 2019

Yoga Kawa is an excellent company to work for. I was given a lot of hours upon hiring. The coordination and organization of the company is superb - instructions are very clear in terms of class locations and client needs. I am able to offer the clients great instruction because I know exactly what they want in advance. In addition, the company has made an effort to offer me work close to my home, which has made it very convenient and accessible for me. I would definitely recommend this company as a great employer to work for. More...

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Would you like to increase employees’ productivity and efficiency? Yoga is exactly what you are looking for – it reduces stress and boosts energy. Invest into your employees’ well-being with Yoga Kawa’s cost-effective programs and you’ll be able to reduce employee absenteeism, stress and turnover.

Life moves quickly. Today’s condo residents are increasingly focused on convenience and time-savings. Property Managers are tasked with keeping things running smoothly. This can be difficult in a highly-competitive industry where your competition is waiting for a misstep. Yoga Kawa’s Condo Yoga program offers you a competitive advantage that “the other guys” haven’t caught up to. We make it easy to execute and affordable to offer a regular wellness classes to residents.

Transform your health, intellect, spirituality and income by diving deep into the mysterious and healing properties of yoga that resonate with your practices and passion. Our yoga teacher training is an acclaimed, 5-star Yoga Alliance approved program that will take your passion for yoga to the next level.