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VC Accounting Solutions (PTY) LTD

Bethlehem, South Africa


VC Accounting Solutions (PTY) LTD

Bethlehem, South Africa



* tax reconciliations

* IRP5 requirements

* Audit reports

* Salaries administration

* external audit and forensic reporting

* general employment law advice

* salaries or payroll outsourcing and benchmarking
Registration of companies


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Charles Halle

21 June 2019

they are professional, friendly, and very affordable


James Moodie

5 April 2019

Fast ,Friendly and efficient. Excellent service.


John Dauth

11 June 2017

They have been doing my files and bookkeeping from before they opened and i,m quit happy with there services throughout the years.I,m sure they will continue giving there clients a good professional service. More...


john dauth

11 August 2016

Great company and friendly staff.always a pleasure !!!!!!

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Managing your company’s financial records are the cornerstone to growth and success. Let us develop this roadmap for your company and minimize your expenses to grow your bottom line. Accuracy and transparency are critical when it comes to your company’s financial credibility. Small businesses need these bookkeeping and accounting records to learn from the past and plan for the future. We are specialists at building and maintaining your financial records. We understand that the process of keeping and managing these records can be very tedious and time-consuming. We are here to help alleviate that burden. We provide you with concise, easy to understand, and accurate financial tools to propel your business forward. We offer a wide range of services to all business types and sizes from the self-employed to large firms looking to outsource their work. We believe every business regardless of size can benefit from having a dedicated staff of accounting professionals managing their records and we will customize a plan that is right for you! SOME SERVICES WE OFFER INCLUDE: · – Daily, Bi-weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Bookkeeping · – New/Existing Business Accounting System Set-up · – Financial Reports & General Ledger Preparation

Our experienced professionals take care of many aspects of your company secretarial work so that you remain compliant and your affairs remain in order Services include Registration of companies Changing directors of companies and members of CCs Changing companies and CC names Submission of company annual duty Preparing documents to effect share transfers and allotment of shares Taking care of the routine maintenance of statutory registers and dealing with returns to the Registrar of Companies Change of financial year-ends

Outsourcing the administration of your payroll and employee regulations management is not just a matter of getting someone else to do a specialized job. Having a team of remuneration services experts who actually know intimately the methods, regulations, and legislation you must conform to within the context of your business and staff requirements can make life a whole lot easier for you. * tax reconciliations * IRP5 requirements * Audit reports * Salaries administration * external audit and forensic reporting * general employment law advice * salaries or payroll outsourcing and benchmarking We also manage all communication with SARS, UIF, and WCA departments with specialized knowledge of current legislation and changes in procedures that the business manager generally doesn't have time to keep abreast of. We can usually fix the fee for our services in advance so you can budget reliably. Whatever the size of your business, you can choose the level of service you require - whether it's just preparing your annual statutory accounts or providing a fully bespoke payroll solution or implementing a salary system. Our highly professional team will work with accuracy, confidentiality, and compliance on all your payroll matters and above all - we will ensure your staff is paid on time, every time. Working with you If you don't have in-house payroll expertise, this approach will reduce your costs and the administrative burden of employing experienced payroll personnel. This type of payroll service not only provides continuity, but we will build a long lasting relationship. We work with different payment frequencies-weekly, monthly and irregular intervals. Our services include: * PAYE, UIF and SDL registration for companies * Laser printed payslips for all staff * all calculations of PAYE, UIF, and SDL * electronic filing of IRP5 reconciliations * management reports tailored to your individual requirements * paper or electronic data submission for amendments via email * facility to import/export payroll data to Excel/CSV * flexible deadlines for submitting payroll information * email EFT payment list to the client, including payment to third parties such as SARS, pension, medical aid, etc. * a dedicated helpline for payroll queries.