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As a business owner, your time is valuable. Your goal is to ensure you are as productive as possible every minute of every day. The last thing you want to do after a busy day out in the field is to sit at your desk and enter the customer invoices, job estimates, or other day-to-day activities as some accounting software programs require.



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Full Cycle Bookkeeping
Catch Up Bookkeeping
Balancing Books
Managing Accounts Receivable & Payable
Consultant/Advisor Services
Cloud Accounting with Xero Accounting Software
Payroll Services
Go Paperless with Hubdoc

I would say that working with a great professional is important but even more with someone who not only understand you and your reality but who is also able to communicate daily, adjust to your needs and participate actively in your project by getting you to keep your eyes on the big picture: running a profitable business.
Savvy business owners know the importance of recording their daily business transactions accurately and in a timely manner. If you are a small business owner, the job of record keeping likely falls on your to-do list. Sometimes the day-to-day priorities of operating your business leave you with little or no time to complete the recording and you push it aside to be completed later. Before you know it, the stacks of receipts, invoices, and bills are overwhelming and seemingly insurmountable and now tax preparation season is right around the corner.
As well understanding the financial health of their business is crucial however, few owners know how to interpret the data provided in the financial reports generated by their accounting software. Consolidated data reported from the day-to-day activities provides insight into the company’s fiscal wellness. The data tells a story of what is working or not working within your organization if you know how to interpret the information provided.
Working with a professional that knows and understand your reality, your daily challenges is key because by being proactive at bringing enhanced solutions adapted to your needs and assisting you understand the analytics of financial statements will provide you the insights you need to make sound decisions for your business.

We help small business owners achieve their goal without having them compromising on their lifestyle. By using cloud based platform and technology we are able to bring to small business owners perspectives and tools that they would have not been able to use few years ago because of how costly it was before the technology evolved. Most of our clients didn’t knew that small business owners have access to apps, tools, an online integrated systems for a fraction of the price, that allow them to cut back on many managerial tasks keeping them away from their family either on week day evenings and/or weekend mornings. Now, because they opened up their mind on working differently, they can use more time with family and enjoy their life. This is what we love the most about what we do.

When I (Rosemine) became pregnant of my daughter, it was obvious to me that I didn’t want to go back in the corporate world once my pregnancy leave would be over. I still wanted to support financially our household. Shortly after, I decided that serving small business owners, mostly from home, would be an ideal situation, as it would still allow me to raise my daughter at the same time. Since then my spouse Hugo came on board and we are now taking this business to another level. Hugo has over 20 years of customer services & marketing. He is extremely knowledgeable and adapts quickly to any kind of systems. We are very complementary and make a terrific team.

We believe that success starts by helping others and we take pride in what we do. We do it with the highest level of ethics, integrity and devotion. We are team players that want to contribute to the most vital part of our Canadian economy: small businesses. Lastly, we are also entrepreneurs who run a small business. We understand where most of them are coming from, what incited them to start their business. We want to be part of their success and win with them.


The act of recording the daily activities of a company and reporting it at the end of a defined period is known as Full Cycle Bookkeeping. Truebooks is a full cycle bookkeeping service. As your bookkeeper, Truebooks assists your company with: Tracking Materials, Supplies, and Fixed Assets Recording Accounts Payable Recording Accounts Receivable Manage Payroll & Tax Liabilities Reconcile Bank Statements

By following the steps below, the Truebooks professionals will guide you in the process of getting your bookkeeping up-to-date, and even complete the catch-up bookkeeping for you, to ensure you have the reporting tools necessary to manage your business efficiently. Step 1: Truebooks will set you up on Accounting Software that meets your industry specific needs. Our preferred software is Xero Accounting, a cloud-based accounting program. Ask our experts about Xero-Accounting to find out more. Step 2: Gather Your Receipts, Invoices, and Vendor Bills Step 3: Reconcile your bank and credit card accounts Step 4: Digitize your receipts and important documents Digital documents can be saved to the cloud to be easily retrieved when needed. The perfect time to go paperless is while completing your catch-up bookkeeping. Step 5: Payroll and Independent Contractor Forms The reports generated by your accounting software will allow for accurate filing of mandated tax or governmental agency reports.

One of the most problematic areas for business owners is managing the monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual remittances required by governmental oversight and tax agencies. Each remittance has its own set of reporting guidelines and sometimes multiple submission deadlines to meet. Truebooks is the expert you need to ensure all mandated filings are remitted to the appropriate agencies accurately and on-time. We have years of construction industry experience and are experts at preparing remittance reports such as: Goods and Services Tax (GST), Workers Compensation Board (WCB) reporting, Payroll Taxes, and the T5018, to name a few. We take your data, prepare the appropriate reports, and once reviewed, then signed or approved by you, submit them electronically or via mail as required by the agency with the appropriate payment – always accurate, always on time.

Every business owner benefits from understanding the financial health of their business; however, few know how to interpret the data provided in the financial reports generated by their accounting software. Consolidated data reported from the day-to-day activities provides insight into the company’s fiscal wellness. The data tells a story of what is working or not working within your organization if you know how to interpret the information provided. Truebooks Consulting and Advisor Service excels at analyzing financial statements to provide business owners the insights they need to make sound decisions for their company.

Truebooks believes it is important for business owners to have access to their financial data anytime and anywhere. Cloud accounting is simply accounting software stored in secured online server vaults, which are accessible via an internet web browser. It is the same software once stored on your desktop, but now you don’t have to wait until you are in the office to handle the daily transactions – you can access the platform on any device that has internet connectivity. Having accessibility to your accounting software anywhere allows you to record a sale by creating and emailing an invoice to your client at the job site or accept payments and post those payments in one quick step.

Truebooks offers Payroll Services to our valued customers. We stay on top of the multitude of notices and updates sent by government agencies to ensure your company remains in compliance with payroll laws. Our payroll experts will handle all the details for your business to include: Enter Timesheets Maintain Tax Rate Tables Calculate wages, taxes, and deductions Create and maintain employee records of employment Prepare remittances for each employee deduction source Prepare period-end tax agency reports and payment calculations for employer submission Prepare employee payroll statements, checks, and reports

There are many aspects to tracking the activities of any business regardless of its size. It can become even more complicated when tracking the activities of a construction business. Your company may have materials and supplies to manage, payroll to process, or taxes to file. Some activities generate revenue; some are expenditures for goods produced. Other activities may be expenses for the general operations of the business or tracking an asset that requires depreciation over time. Each business records the individual transactions for these activities into an accounting system and reports them periodically on financial statements.

Your accounts receivable is the money that is owed to your company for products or services, but has not yet been paid. These fees are usually due within 60 to 90 days from the invoice date. The accounts payable is the money you owe to your suppliers and/or vendors you contracted to produce your work or service. Why timing matters. Your business requires positive cash flow in order to thrive. Billing & collections along with strategic schedule payment to your accounts payable are integral to cash flow, and to the avoidance of unnecessary expenses related to fees and interest on lines of credit. Truebooks will help you to streamline relationship with vendor and get collection from your existing customers.

Why take up valuable office space with file cabinets and storage boxes filled with important receipts and documents. We work with, friendly user, Hubdoc app to capture your documents. We then pushed to your favorite Cloud Storage (Box, DropBox, ShareFile, SmartVault, Google Drive). If you need prior months or years to be stored we can help you with this service.