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Bethany J.

23 May 2019

I've been going to this gym for just over 5 months and I'm honestly in love with it. The location. The variety of equipment. The staff. The patrons. Everything. I have a personal trainer at S4 and she's amazing, knowledgeable and patient.I would highly recommend this gym to anyone from beginner to expert because there is literally something for every level of fitness. More...


Diana S.

14 December 2017

When I passed by this gym, what caught the most of my attention was the big amount of muscular people confined in such a small space. I was wondering if they'd need to remove all the equipment for the capoeira classes.Once the mirror started to show my love handles with nobody to hold them, I knew it was time to start looking for a gym. I was told to check Studio 4, but I replied I'd hate to be watched by passing people while I make effort faces. Good news were that the gym has several floors, and the street level is just for those with a personal trainer.Once you go up, you'll see the other reception desk, more machines, the changing rooms with a couple of showers, two studios for classes (one having a boxing ring+ the equipment needed). On the upper floor, you'll find the cardio machines, more gym equipment, and another big studio.Some of the classes they offer are included in the membership (can't remember if it was $40 or $50 per month), while others require subscription and extra payment, such as Capoeira, Kickboxing, Boxing, and Aerial Stretch.Good things about this gym are the centric location, the distribution of levels and equipment, the variety of classes they offer, the decoration mixing frames, plants and shinny colours, the extremely convenient option of canceling the membership no questions asked (which I did over the phone with no problems). The only thing that bugged me was the lack of air conditioner. They have several fans distributed on the cardio area, which worked excellent during Autumn and with few people. I don't want to imagine the sticky-sweaty sensation of being there during Summer with lots of people. More...


Pavan U.

7 January 2015

What an amazing gym. I came here visiting from Toronto and got to workout here for 2 days (you get a complimentary guest pass when you stay at the Hotel Rialto). It is better than any gym Ive been to in Tdot and they have every sort of a fitness equipment there is. They are very free weight centric (not big on machines, although they still have them upstairs) which I like and they have seperate areas/gyms for Yoga, cardio, and boxing/ma with a full boxing ring. The gym has a very pleasant design using a combination of wood and brick and has a really soothing ambience to it. The staff are nice and the general gym goiers are mostly young people. I plan on coming here every time Im in Victoria. More...


Kristin H.

1 September 2014

I've been going to Studio 4 since May, and I have to say, I am a fan. The staff are friendly and most of the fellow gym-goers are friendly and/or keep to themselves. I don't spend much time on cardio (which is on a separate floor upstairs) and I haven't taken any classes, so this review is primarily about the weight room and the gym as a whole. There are two power cages, one squat rack and one bench press in the free weight area, four olympic-sized barbells (plus one with the bench press) along with three full sets of dumbbells and your typical machines, cables, etc. Even during peak times (usually 5pm-7pm), I rarely if ever have to wait for a squat rack. I have a few minor complaints about the weight area (floors aren't level, barbells are old, needs more bumper plates), but all in all it's a pretty good place to do some lifting. The gym skews younger and I don't see a lot of 45+ people working out, so if you're over 45, you might feel a bit out of place here. There also aren't any bratty gymbro teens hogging the bench doing 1/4 reps, which I really appreciate.Huge bonus: they offer reasonably-priced month-to-month memberships. More...


Roberta S.

26 May 2013

I loved this gym!  Lots of character (brick and wood), close to our hotel.  Great music and friendly staff.  Had the right cardio and weight equipment, and a beautiful stretching room afterwards.