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Stanley W.

8 June 2012

Before he was a photographer (and he was never a footballer) Steve Gerrard was travelling the world as an international DJ. This might not seem important but I think it shows in his experience and versatility as a photographer.steve's photos range from live shows to portraits to weddings and he is equally adept in all arenas. You wouldn't normally think of the guy who just shot your wedding to be the guy who could shoot Kiss at an arena show but Steve manages to do it all equally well. He has photographed a couple of my friends weddings and they were all photo albums I actually didn't mind looking at!Check out his website if you need more convincing, or pop in to his studio in the Custard Factory. If you have an upcoming wedding or you are a band or venue that need some shots, you should definitely give him a call. More...


Heather C.

3 June 2012

Not to be confused with the Liverpool player this Steve Gerrard is one of Birmingham's most prolific photographers you can often see him taking photographs of bands in the larger sized music venues of this city.His studio is located in the Custard Factory facing the pool. If you're not familiar with his work he has some prime examples hanging in the window.As well as band photos which are in both portrait and live formats he also specialises in wedding photography. Steve has done the wedding pictures for two couples I know from Birmingham who had their ceremonies in America, one in New York and one in Las Vegas. He is also available for family portraits. Prices range from £50 for shooting a live gig to £2000 unlimited wedding coverage. Check out his website for more details or pop into the studio and ask as Steve is an affable sort of chap. Iif you've an event you need marking for posterity than check out Steve's work. More...


Adrienne F.

20 May 2012

Steve Gerrard's studio is handily situated overlooking the occasionally full / occasionally empty pool at the Custard Factory.  With floor to ceiling windows, you can peer in and see examples of his work even when he's off shooting weddings or bands.  If he IS there, it's worth popping your head in to say hello as he's a friendly chap and will show you lots more examples of his brilliant photography. More...

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