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Professional wedding photography and video in Toronto is not just about taking an amazing photograph or entertaining video. It's about making your wedding day one to remember always. 

SigsPhoto understands how a wedding day can change. Our experienced professional wedding photographers will help you have the best day of your lives.



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As a pro for more than 20 years I can take great photos in a grocery store. EXPERIENCE has taught me that everyone is different. Spending a few minutes getting to know my subject, finding a great background & looking for light will combine to make incredible images that will amaze.

Depends on the event.

For weddings, I like to know how they met. Are they laid back people who want a fun representation of themselves or CRAZY fun couple who want the event of shooting to be as fun as the final image. In the end, it's always about the client.

Getting to know people. Learning about what makes them tic & somehow getting that to show up in the work that I produce.

My wife.

I met Marianna, my wife, when she was the photographer at my brother's wedding. My brother hired Marianna's father's company to shoot his wedding and the photographer that showed up was my wife.

Needless to say, I was bedazzled and immediately had to stalk to her.
hehe hehe Make and appointment and I will tell you the full story.

Put it this way. We were engaged within 3 months & now have 4 kids.

100% guarantee.

It's math.

20 years of experience = proven ability to get the job done, beyond people's expectation.



Professional Wedding Photography in Toronto and South Florida requires a wedding photographer that is able to work under any conditions. My team is prepared, organized and LOVES to have fun. WE shoot with the best equipment money can buy and handle ALL types of events. From small classy weddings to HUGE monster events.