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Your space. Your taste. Your life.
Shantam Interiors is a Boutique Interior Design firm, offering full design services for private residences, retail businesses, small hotels, restaurants and commercial establishments. Shantam Interiors Inc will manage all your décor, design and contracting needs.


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Catherine Rose

25 January 2019

My husband and I always have Etienne help us choose our paint colours. He has a fine eye and lovely sense of balance and ability. I also used him to find the best colours for my business, a health clinic. Thank you Shantam Interiors. More...


Markus G. Scott-Alexander

4 June 2017

Working with Etienne was trans-formative, not only for our home but for how we approach objects. Beauty has many ways to move in this world. Etienne is a master of transforming the beauty and energy of a home into something that truly reflects, embodies and holds the people responsible for the care of that home. He is more than creative, he's a wizard. More...


Fran Loga - Redl Kitchens

21 October 2015

I worked with Etienne from Shantam Interiors on high end custom cabinetry designs in a high rise condo in downtown Edmonton. He was extremely professional, creative and innovative. The entire project turned out absolutely amazing and still to this day one of my favorite Redl kitchens. More...



3 June 2015

Shantam has very creative design ideas, he gives wonderful service and pays attention to detail. I particularly recommend him for his choice of colours and for turning an average space into something unusual and wonderful to live in.
I really enjoy working with him!



11 April 2015

Etienne of Shantam Interiors is very personable, skilled, creative and accommodating regarding client preferences. Etienne has the ability to work with his clients to find out what they are looking for and make it happen. I love his ideas and suggestions and continue to work with him. More...



28 March 2015

Shantam Interiors did an excellent job giving me advice on how to decorate my house. l was a first time buyer and with a 6 room house l was completely lost as to how to put my ideas into a functional design that expressed my desire for a house that was alive vibrant and enriching. Shantam came with all the knowledge, creativity and enthusasim that l needed to help me. His willingness to work along side me step by step; developing , discussing ,and decision making was the best l could ask for.
His artistic sensitivity and vision contributed to turning my house into beautiful and heartful home. My wife,and our 3 cats are immensely grataful to him and we highly recommend him to anyone who
wants to transform there home from a 2 star to a 5 star.



26 March 2015

Etienne has colour and style in his bones. His designs, artwork, self-expression, and attire all communicate this gift clearly. With Shantam design comes together.

Ananda Masri (client)



26 March 2015

Despite our dread of remodeling, Etienne made the process easy and enjoyable. He took care of everything! He was very attentive to our needs and guided us well in the process. The results were beautiful to the eye of every visitor who walked trough our door since.
He is a great problem solver, very creative and can work magic even in small or challenging spaces.
We are now moving to a new house and are excited to work with him again. He is a true artist.



26 March 2015

I initially hired Shantam Interiors to give the living room some panache. Eitenne ended up putting his stunning signature on the whole house. An integrated strategy of soft yet bold colours, giving each room it's own character and a harmony though the house. Years later I still love the multi-layered warm buttery sunset tones in the living room and everything else.

More of an alchemist than a designer, Etienne has the perfect idea for each project, that just 'clicks' before I even knew I wanted that.

He's lovely to work with, has such flair, loves what he does, listens wonderfully and translated my dreams into a really livable sanctuary. Thank you.


Laura Grossi

3 July 2014

Vem p cá


Georgetta Couto

3 July 2014

5 estrelas!!!!!!Parabens


Rita Maria Couto

3 July 2014

Tudo muito lindo! Parabéns Grossi! Um beijo da tia Rita

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