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RA Fitness

Woodbridge, Canada


RA Fitness

Woodbridge, Canada


I can combine a very typical personal training session with some Muay Thai Kickboxing which really changes the dynamics in any training sessions. For the people who don't want the typical, cross training along with Muay Thai or resistance with the cross training.



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Goal setting is the most important aspect. It's your plan! I listen and we set realistic, yet ambitious goals together! We set the plan, we work around everyday obstacles and we get there!

You need to want it! If you want it, hard work doesn't feel so hard!

Everyone brings you a story, then they choose you to be in their story and help them change it! No better feeling!

There was no plan in the beginning. I was heavy into MuayThai Kickboxing, eventually started helping with teaching and realized the impact you have on people. Continued to do so.

Commitment is everything, and if you are willing to commit then I am with you. Not everyone meshes well with everyone, so chemistry as a coach and trainer is everything and makes a huge difference. Let's take the first steps and see if I can help you!