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We are a high end DJ company that strives to deliver energy on the dance floor. We offer music to our clients from the following genres:

Hip/Hop, Pop, Disco, R&B, Soul, as well as some Rock, Country, French, Kompa/Soca and Bollywood music.


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Richard Wand

27 February 2019

Raju was great to work with. Super professional and a calming person in what can be a stressful time. He also had great taste in music. We had a lot of guests mention they enjoyed all the music he played. More...


Barbara Amona Purdie

30 October 2018

I hired Raj to be the DJ at my wedding, and it was a wonderful experience. He was extremely responsive to my emails, even though I sometimes took a long time to respond. His prices were reasonable, even though I honestly think he`s worth more. He was able to find cultural music from my country of origin, Haiti, which served to make all of the Haitians (and even non-Haitians) in the room dance. People were telling me all night how much they liked the DJ. Raj is extremely kind and was an overall pleasure to work with. More...


The Ottawa Wedding Planner

30 September 2018

Raju was a great DJ to work with. He also MCed the Wedding and was very open to the delay in the timeline and waited for the appropriate Qs to announce each event.


Valerie Thibaudeau

25 September 2018

Raju was a great DJ to work with. He also MCed the Wedding and was very open to the delay in the timeline and waited for the appropriate Qs to announce each event.


Courtney F

28 May 2018

Raju was our wedding DJ in August of 2017. He was wonderful! He played great music that got everyone dancing, was able to read the crowd, and took requests! I got tons of compliments on the music at the reception and how fun the dancing was! Raju was always quick to reply to emails and answer any questions I had as well. Highly recommended! More...

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The DJ needs some means to know lots of songs, take requests, as well as the ability to read a crowd and the hardware to deliver the experience. Add to this the advice that we can give to help you encourage your guests to stay on the dance floor. At ProMixDJ - we have all of these and more....

My "style" - unlike many DJs don't stitch songs together by matching the speed (beat matching) of the previous song and limiting or shutting out requests made by guests... Songs are cross faded and messed with (equalization - hi, low & mids, volume, speed & filters) - live to get the energy on the dance floor going - this is what works best for us for dance floor filling.

As DJ and owner of my company - I love most things about it. But, connecting with people who like to have dancing at their party and being able to make their day - that is really priceless.

Used to frequent the dance clubs/bars in town and always knew which songs I liked and which ones I didn't - so, I decided to try it out at one of my competitors' companies. Aced my first wedding DJ foray... Had the whole floor dancing, though I was rusty on picking songs at the time. That, and my burning desire to own a business, to put my other talents to use - helped me nail this down as the business for me to start.

Getting guests on the dance floor requires really good talent and a vested interest... If you have a wedding - it's hours of helping you get your day set up right, prior to that day (the right song played at the right time and a handpicked known library of music for the DJ, you and your guests to choose from + live backups)... If that is what you and your guests are looking forward to, then our company is possibly the right choice - make sure you contact us and find out.


We provide mobile disc jockey services for weddings and events in Ottawa and sometimes in Montreal and Toronto.