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As a full service provider of comprehensive solutions that focus exclusively on human resources, Strategic HR Services Inc. has the vision and the ability to design and implement customized solutions that are strategically aligned with your goals, empowering your organization to be more EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT and PROFITABLE.


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5 April 2019

Paula is amazing at what she does. I've worked with Paula as a candidate seeking new employment and as a recruiter. Both times, I've had a great experience. She is professional, quick, and reasonable with her cost. Paula sources candidates based on skill set, experience AND fit which has resulted in her finding the best possible candidates for our roles. By far, one of the best recruiters I've worked with and I would highly recommend. More...


Teresa Rennie

31 March 2019

Paula is fabulous and able to provide superior knowledge in the Human Resources field

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Supporting an organization reach its potential - there is nothing like the high you get from seeing an entrepreneur reach his/her dreams and know that we have supported them in their journey through impact full HR programs.

After 15 years to working with organizations, setting up and leading their HR functions I wanted to be able to do the same in organizations that did not necessarily have the budget or need for a full time HR person. I wanted to provide smaller organizations with the same level of support and solutions to increase their competitiveness.

I have a very pragmatic approach so my clients get personalized services that will get them to where they are going.



Our services cover all aspects of the employment relationship focusing on compliance and best practices to ensure you attract and retain engaged staff to ensure your continued growth. Our services include: Policy and program development Compensation and benefit management Performance Management Attendance management Employee relations Management coaching Talent acquisition Engagement surveys

Finding qualified employees with the right fit for your organization can be the most difficult and time-consuming function of human resources. To be effective it requires creativity to find those candidates that will remain a valuable asset to your company in the long term. Using our combined 50+ years in human resources and head hunting skills to ensure you are only getting top talent. Our extensive network allows us to reach the passive talent. Whether you need to fill several on-going openings, or have a hard-to-fill position that's been draining your energy and resources, allow Strategic HR to do the work for you. Our world wide network allows us to be your single point of contact for all of your hiring needs globally. Whether you need to fill a one-off role outside of our core specialty or source talent overseas, your unique search needs can be supported by 500 partner firms and 2000 recruiting professionals. Pricing and Service Flexibility We offer you solutions that provide choice and flexibility designed to fit your needs and budget. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Using Strategic HR's RPO services allows both small and large organizations to attain a world-class recruitment function without the costs of traditional recruitment firms. We work seamlessly within your organizational structure allowing you to select where we can support you the most. RPO services give you on-demand assistance to manage recruitment spikes, short-term recruitment project and specialized needs -- without the added overhead or exorbitant staffing firm rates. Using RPO for a department where you have the heaviest need such as sales, can lower your costs and reduce time-to-fill while providing consistency and uniformity within your organization. We can manage all or just some portions (candidate sourcing, screening, interviewing, reference checking, etc) of the recruitment process, providing you with the flexibility to decide what is best for your business. Benefits of RPO Services Measurable results - KPI driven metrics and outcomes (hiring manager interview-to-hire is typically 3:1) Lowered costs and shared risk - flexible and scalable to accommodate your fluctuating needs (average cost savings of 40-60% versus traditional staffing fees) Reduce time-to-fill - multi-tiered sourcing strategy and dedicated resources accelerate the process (decrease fill time by 30%-50%) Consistency - Streamlines recruitment function across multiple regions/business units Uniformity - Promotes and protects your branding Quality - We utilize a variety of sources to find the best person for your organization 12-Monthly Payments If you prefer a more traditional arrangement, we offer payment flexibility that provides you with a pro-rated one year guarantee. Make 12 equal payments that start on day 1 of employment. If the candidate's employment ends, you stop paying! ​Fees are calculated based on a % of the hires first year's income. Pipelining Give your hiring managers and recruiters some serious support. We provide a constant pipeline of screened, quality candidates year-round! Our team will book the best people in the market directly into your calendar on a schedule they provide. Rent-A-Recruiter Rent an expertly trained Talent Agent. Our recruiters are equipped with the best recruiter tools and are closely managed to ensure quality of work and delivery of results! ​

We believe that the major drive of organizational performance is the quality of leadership and its people. For leaders, this requires more robust information - knowing what drives their team to ensure they have the right individuals on their team to drive company growth. We are certified providers and facilitators of Everything DiSC profiles and training solutions that will assist in identifying leadership potential, motivation factors, and understanding how behavioural style impacts work place relationships to enable effective leadership and promote teamwork.