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Learn Kung-Fu, MMA, KickBoxing, Self-Defense and More!

Our Martial Arts School – Fang Shen Do (Way of Survival) – is not your typical gym.

Instead, you’ll join a team of professional instructors for whom Martial Arts training is their passion.


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Leah Cassibo

25 April 2019

my kids are in kungfu and my spouse and I both do kickboxing. all around amazing teacher and classes


Lily Artymko

18 April 2019

Absolutely amazing teaching!


Scott Hall

29 March 2019

There is a class for everyone, every skill level. The teacher is amazing



6 March 2019

My instructor Mary is amazing. Her methods of teaching are very fast and effective. I really enjoy working with her.


me me

26 November 2018

My son and i attend the belleville ont location. .and i have nothing but positive things to say about the school ,my son has adhd and the way the lead instructor teaches the class it has been nothing but empowering to my son and myself ..She has a genuine and compassionate yet motivating attitude. .and passion for what she does .! And after yrs of martial arts in my teenage yrs, the attitude and non judgmental aproach is rare ..:) for myself i damaged my shoulder at work .some yrs ago ..and life had worn me out to the point where i was tired ..and had lost hope ..and hope is something that is hard to recreate. .for about 6 yrs i didn't do much ..n certain weights caused issues throughout my body with a blood pressure of 160 / 110. .since ive started at the belleville location ive found hope and the drive to keep going ..with in a month of training with Lead instructor Mary Millar ..ive gone from aches n pains to now doing my own exercise routine at home ..She is warm and genuine in personality and inspiring and it reflects in the enthusiasm of the students if the school ..:) so i would definitely recommend the Belleville location of patenaude martial arts in bellevile ont .. More...


Quixoticly M Moffatt

19 September 2018

have never seen my son so enthused to go to a program every week as he is here. one of the fastest feelings in the world is watching him take pride in what he is learning, and seeing leaders be so patient and amazing as you guys are with them.


Owen Parks

25 May 2018

Probably the best experience I've had in a really long time! The instructors are supportive and friendly; it's a great place to start if you're planning on getting in to Mixed Martial Arts.


Patrick Falardeau

25 May 2018

The best martial art school I have been, amazing instructor! Thanks for everything Sifu!


Drew Blake

15 August 2017

Very humbling and respectful environment. Sifu takes the time to go through the basics and fundamentals of MMA and kungfu no matter the experience level. Patenaude MMA teaches the proper respects of martial arts and provides a great awareness of self discipline. More...


Tyler Millar

12 May 2017

Definitely the greatest school I've ever been to. Pupils are friendly, Sifu is hard working and teaches some amazing stuff, and the environment is excellent. Highly recommend this school to anyone looking to learn martial arts! More...


Karen Sims-Caza

6 October 2016

Our 16 yr old son has been a student in Belleville for just over a year. We have never seen him so excited, passionate or dedicated to anything like he is to this. He is more fit that he has ever been, more confident and more mature after being exposed to this. I personally have a hard time watching some of the grappling but I have to support something that has had such a positive change in my son. Good job Dan! More...


Bobby H

25 May 2016

August 12th was my final night of training with Dan Levac and the rest of the sensational team at Patenaude Martial Arts Belleville. In fact, the only reason I left, was because I had to go back to school in Toronto. If it wasn't for that, leaving wouldn't have even crossed my mind. I'd like to thank them with all I have for introducing me to MMA training and making my summer incredible.If you like to work hard and play hard, this is the place to go. If you want to get in shape, learn to defend yourself or become a better person, this place is for you. The team is incredibly kind and skilled, with a variety of age groups and combat backgrounds. I learned a tremendous amount this summer with a great group and I got in great shape doing so.My journey with MMA has just commenced. I hope to return a better martial artist and who knows? Maybe one day I'll grace an octagon. Thank you Patenaude Martial Arts. Fang Shen Do is the way to go More...


Tania Wright

25 May 2016

Great place to go to be surrounded by amazing supportive people with a mindset to go above and beyond goals!!


Itachi Uchiha

25 May 2016

Wonderful place to learn the best martial arts Belleville has to offer. At Patenaude Martial Arts, there is no negative energy or criticism. The instructors are super friendly and teach very very well. This is a place where people of all ages can learn martial arts whether they be 8 years old, or 108 years old, Patenaude Martial arts has something for everyone. I highly recommend Patenaude Martial Arts (: More...


Keith Mayhew Hammond

26 May 2014

Karate is cool. Though I was looking for something a little different. And this dojo has it; in a good way of course. I would recommend this dojo to anyone looking to improve themselves by learning self defense, fitness, kung fu, and other fun stuff. There's something for everyone. There is a friendly atmosphere and a great instructor who teaches with respect. More...


Gabriel Arena

26 May 2014

Danny is a great teacher. He's professional, respectful and will always try to help you out!


Mary Millar

26 May 2014

Outstanding school for Martial Arts, wonderful experience for everyone!Most amazing instructors ever, we work hard and learn a lot but always have fun doing it.It is a place where kids and teenagers (and adults!) learn confidence, control, focus, and respect, as well as how to protect themselves if needed. Highly recommended! More...


tish sharpe

26 May 2014

Enjoying the class completely. The class teaches the technique of the sport as well as explains the use of each technique as well as why it is done that why. The community of the class is warming and inviting and helpful. It has a wide age group and all are welcome.Instructor is patient while inspiring to push yourself farther, and take on new challenges.It is a class well worth taking for anyone looking for a self defence program, learning to fight with a weapon, release your emotions in a controlled environment, or join a team worth fighting for. More...


Sibok Martin Patenaude

26 May 2014

Danny is a top notch instructor, dynamic, passionate and willing to go the extra mile to help you reach your goals


Cody Kellett

29 December 2013

Such an amazing school I go to the one in Kingston and never enjoyed anything more! Great exercise and great people. Check it out!


Samantha Van Wart

23 July 2013

This school is great for people of all ages! Great teachers, friendly environment and great for all levels of fitness!

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