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Rebeca Solier

Beautiful place �and good for celebrate � � ��


Vee Pek

Great food, great entertainment and great location!


Luana Dan

Excellent place to spend your best time with friends and family . outstanding food and entertainment. Good job alex


Alexandra Lac

The best food and dancing you can find within the downtown core, a must see. Amazing performance, overall a great time!


Karina Rina

Great place! Great entertainment! The food was amazing!
Very good service and management!
Very good lights and Sound System! Never seen such professional systems before!
It is the best place to celebrate birthday or wedding!


Arlene Sambria

Beautiful.. I would recommend to everyone...
great foods & best entertainment...👍🏻


Roxana Ichim

We had our daughter baptism here 2 years ago, all the guests are still saying it was the best party ever.


Jannette Lumley

I attended the Nollywood Travel Film Festival and the staff provided excellent customer service. I would recommend this venue for any formal event.


Punjabi Din

Hey everyone, so my girls and I are throwing a punjabi night out. It will be January, 30th, 2015..$45..National banquet hall..Let's kick off this new year with a hit and unwind from work, school and life! A night of fun, dancing, drinking, and laughter! Everyone is invited! It's going to be a open bar and dinner and lots of dancing and music! For tickets or information you can call...Jagjit (416) 272-3075 or Harman (647) 980-9092! Hope to see you all there! More...


Alina Gordashevskaya

I have no words! The worse place. Never be back. The only good thing is photography and photographer �


Irina Saltanov

National is an amazing place to have a great time.. The music is wonderful and the service is outstanding!! If you have an upcoming party and are looking for a great venue.. NATIONAL is the place!!!


Lilia Desanu

Every year we visit this banquet hall multiple times. The biggest event of the year is the WINE FESTIVAL in February. The venue is perfect, the sound/video system perfect, staff and kitchen are the best. Thank you everyone for your hard work and for helping us to make great events. More...


Maria Medoeva

Amazing place!! Would recommend to everyone! Well trained staff, awesome food and insane entertainment!!!


Jenia Ber

Great place lots of fun and fond memories. Security is swift and proper in dealing with people who cause trouble. Very professional staff and delicious food! would recommend to anyone in interested in having a great get together of friends and family. More...


Yelena Nichilo

Love this place! It's always fun there. Food is really good, live music keeps you entertained and the talented artists put a fantastic show together. Very accommodating and friendly staff. Highly recommend it! More...


Tatyana A Serg B

We were not happy with management service, it was very rude and abusing, this is not a Russian place anymore just place for young people party, no life band only one person provided limited life music, no Russian spirit at all. All singers using karaoke machine, only one very brilliant singer voice from previously band still here. More...


Liza Dobrushkin

Hosted my birthday here - was a great experience. Friendly staff, delicious variety of food for all taste buds, great atmosphere. We had a larger party of 45 and the National staff made it very easy to book, organize and celebrate. My friends, of all ethnicities, were blown away by the experience. Would definitely come here again. Thank you for a great night! More...


Serge Bogo

What an absolutely great place!!
No doubt, it can be time consuming and somewhat stressful to find the perfect venue to celebrate the life’s special events (birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, job promotions, what have you…), but I’m hoping to save you some time and sweat by giving my honest opinion of this restaurant coming from numerous personal experiences with the place. To start off, my first positive impressions of this restaurant come from direct interaction with the staff. I contacted their staff many times for numerous reasons (special table arrangements, surprises for the bride and groom at weddings I attended) and was pleasantly surprised about how polite and helpful every single person I spoke with is. Good location, not much around though but Tim’s and Goodlife is there in case you get the urge to lift heavy stuff. Plenty of ground level and underground parking with security, so no parking wars. I really like the interior and it’s the first thing I noticed as I arrived.
The lobby felt really spacious and luxurious with a convenient coat-check at the entrance. Once I went inside the main hall, I liked the fact that you have a clear view of the stage from any table, so no awkward twisting and peeking to see the show with a sizeable dance-floor to show off some killer moves right in the middle of it all. The hall is decorated with stylish and luxurious accents, great natural-like lighting and overall the feel is very ambient, lavish and festive. The table arrangements were very nice and it seemed like the staff spent almost an eternity on every detail to make it flawless. Then of course, the food! I’ve been to banquet halls where the food looked like we’re about the same age, but here it was amazing. Seriously, if you ever get invited to celebrate here, your taste buds will thank you. The variety was huge and it all looked delicious. You can’t dare to say that the cuisine here was monotonous; the table was filled with Eastern-European classics, appetizers and all kinds I didn’t know existed, but I guess you can tweak the menu for the kind of dishes that will be served to include your favourites too. I liked waiters here because they kept bringing food, but also because they were attentive and eager to help. . The entertainment was really upbeat and they know how to make you move. They sing amazingly, all professional and sparkly, the sound wasn’t too loud and overall their performances were one of the best I’ve heard. Thank you guys if you’re reading this! The music was great, throwing some international classics here and there, but also a lot of recent hits. To sum it up: the banquet hall is definitely one of the best and most beautiful I’ve been to, the food is magic, the nicest staff, the entertainment is top-notch and the whole experience is just overwhelmingly remarkable.


Yuliya Ivanisova

I would like to thank the whole team of the National Restaurant & Banquet Hall for hosting my daughter's Bat Mitzvah. We had a blast and all the guest were wowed! It was a French-themed party and National's team went above and beyond to accommodate my most exquisite requests from transforming the cocktail reception into the airport lounge (we were "flying" from Toronto to Paris) to creating the atmosphere of Paris at night in the main hall by using multiple screens, projectors and lighting system. The Chef amazed the kids and adults with the fire show roasting the cheese. All food was beautifully presented a la French style with amuse bouche salads and canapés with lavender flowers on the sides of the plates. Waiters were restlessly serving champagne and wine. If you want to have one of a kind party to remember for life, National is the place to go to with the incredible food, lighting, music, and entertainment possibilities. Many thanks from my family and all 70 guests for such an unforgettable experience! More...


Sheena Yap Chan

This place is the worst ever. We came here to watch a concert. First off a little accidentally runs into a glass door and that same door ends falling down on her. She hit her head and it was bleeding.

First off all she's only 6 and she's a little girl so I don't understand how her running into a glass door can end up falling on her. The staff was not helpful at all it was almost like they blamed the little girl. The ambulance came to get her so please send her positive vibes.

Then another girl was performing on stage and a piece of glass got stuck on her foot while she was performing. Don't they do any safety checks in the venue. There were tons of kids around.

What's even worse is that there were broken pieces of glass on the ground and didn't even clean it up until an hour after the little girl left to go to the hospital. The staff was just sitting there not realizing pieces of glass is on the ground and another child could get hurt or have signs put up to at least say not to enter where the broken glass is. I mean they're asking for another accident to happen!

All their stuff is old and torn down, plus staff doesn't want to take responsibility plus they're rude blaming the customers for their run down equipment. Not cool! Just be aware of this if you ever have to go there which I hope you don't.

(I have photos of the broken glass on the floor but not sure how to post it on fb. You can check it on my yelp and google review)

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