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It takes more than owning a hammer to be a skilled carpenter and it takes more than owning a camera - any camera - to be a creative photographer. I take as much pride in my work, as I know you do in yours, and that's your guarantee that working together will result in images that will help you project the public image that you aspire to.


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Barbara Munro

26 August 2019

Miguel was willing to accommodate multiple date changes and put up with suggestions by family members. Miguel was professional and the final results exceeded expectations. We will gladly hire him again.



12 July 2019

Miguel was very professional and flexible about changes to how and where photos where done. He was wonderful and patient with our large group aged between 2-88 . Was very patient and considerate of our younger not so co-operative members. I would recommend Miguel to anyone and would use him again myself. More...



3 March 2019

Nice and very professional photo grapher highly recommended.


Truly caring about your needs and objectives is what distinguishes a Professional Photographer from someone with a camera.

If I’m photographing a person that is self-conscious in front of the camera, it’s my job to take the time to converse with them and learn something about what will coax the emotional response I need, to best capture how they want the world to see them.

If I’m photographing a product or architectural subject, it’s my job to be aware of the unique qualities that you’re most proud of and consider how to best accentuate them.

It’s absolutely, about the attention to the seemingly small details. A great photograph is the result of a creative process that considers time, place and nuance.

The very first question is, what is it that you need to be photographed. I need to know whether I have the experience, equipment and location to accommodate the request.

This may sound a bit crass, but the second thing I need to know is what your budget is.

Like yourself, I may want or even need a dress-jacket, but first I need to know how much money I have to spend on the purchase, before I decide to walk into either a Thrift Shop or a Custom Taylor.

I may want a medium pizza with all the toppings but I may need to compromise and choose three, and remember that some pizzas are better than others, regardless of the number of toppings.

The third most important question is, the when. We may agree on the budget and I may be the right person for your project, but there’s only one of me and I can only be in one place at any given moment.

That brings me to another very important and related consideration. Whether you’re looking to hire a photographer for a Personal Affair or a Business Matter, be sure to confirm who the photographer will be that you’re actually hiring. Many studios will hire a roster of photographers to potentially tackle your needs. The samples you saw may not belong to the person assigned to complete your project.

I work independently and don’t take on any work I can’t complete myself. My name is my reputation.

Like any other creative endeavour, photography is not a job, it’s a calling. Musicians and Dancers don’t perform because there’s an audience, and Visual Artists don’t produce works to fill a gallery showing.

What I love about producing photographs is the knowledge that I’m able to apply my creativity and attention to detail, to help people present the best of themselves to the world. Whether a Personal Affair or a Business Matter, Professional Photography instantly illustrates your values, your pride, your measure of what quality looks like.

The drive to express myself creatively, isn’t something that can be attributed to any single event or experience. It’s innate. It’s like breathing.

Deciding to attempt to earn a living from my photography wasn’t an easy one. It was fraught with much uncertainty, but it did provide me with the invaluable luxury of working from home and, thereby, being present in the lives of my children through their early and teenage years.

First and foremost, I’m a Professional Photographer, not a hobbyist making a few bucks on the side so that they can take a cruise once a year. I earn my living from photography, so my rates are a reflection of that reality. I’m not a student looking to take on a project for a few bucks in exchange for building my portfolio. Besides, if you’re happy with the results, don’t you want to be able to count on me remaining in business for your next project?

However, experience and technical skills aside, I consider my people skills to be my greatest asset. I have a natural knack for helping total strangers feel at ease. Whether your project involves portraiture, event coverage or photographing goods, I take a genuine interest in you and your objectives. The way I see it, my success is dependent on yours.



Professional Photography from an experienced and skilled photographer with a wide range of assignments under his belt.

The person behind these images is also the person behind all these words. If you've taken the time and trouble to read the copy, then you know that I'm also a skilled wordsmith. I'd be more than happy to help you with writing and / or editing your marketing copy. There's some atrocious stuff out there on the web. Like photography and smartphones, far too many people think that they're writers by the simple virtue of being able to hold a pen or place their fingers on a keyboard.