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Iron Core Yoga & Wellness

Richmond Hill, Canada

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Iron Core Yoga & Wellness

Richmond Hill, Canada


~The Synergy of Mind, Body & Soul~

Iron Core Yoga & Wellness focuses on Ayurvedic philosophy of applications to manage all encompassing health, prevention and treatment of illness and/or injury through:




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A healthy diet is essential to everyones health and well being. Abs are made in the kitchen. Not in the gym. I want to educate my clients that food is not the enemy and that it is essential in maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle.

I tailor every goal to each client. No 2 programs are alike. I take pride in my one on one training and counselling.

Hard work and consistency. You have to put in the work to see the results. Theres no sugar coating it or pill to make it happen over night. Im not saying its going to be easy. But it will definitely be worth it.

I love being able to connect with my clients one on one. Their struggles and successess are mine as well. I like to embrace every challenge and work through things with my clients.

Being a model for over 20 years and suffering from eating disorders and unhealthy body image issues, i wanted to be able to gove back to people. I was given so much to get to where i am today and i want to be able to help my clients achive the same success. Between being a life coach, natural nutritional practitioner and a yoga teacher i have the tools to help my clients achieve the results and guide them on the right path.

I am real and honest. I want to work woth people who are wanting to change their lives for the better and make a difference in their lives. Its a very personal journey. So the match has to fit yours. Mind, body and soul.



On location or at home. Client preference

Life coaching, Sport coaching

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