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Our firm is fully licensed to process full cycle accounting. We are a one stop destination for a wide range of services starting from book keeping, GST returns, WCB returns and representation, payroll, generating financial statements, T4 and T5 issuance, CRA representation to Review, audit engagements and assurance services.



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We provide a range of services, a brief listing is provided here:

1. Monthly Book keeping
2. Payroll
3. T4 and T5 issuance
4. Monthly / Quarterly / Annual financial statements
5. GST calculations and filings
6. Annual Financial Statements
7. Annual Corporate Tax Returns
8. Reviewed and Audited Financial Statements
9. New business start ups
10. Business plans for banking purposes
11. Ongoing Accounting advice
12. Personal Tax Returns - T1

Accountants are a key ingredients for the success of a business. It is very important for the business to have correct information to make informed decisions. That information is the onus of an accounting office. An accountant on board will certainly process your data into meaningful information and help you success.

I love to see my clients succeed due to the value our office adds to their business by converting their data into meaningful information.

I also enjoy helping new business start ups, it is a joyful experience to see a business starting, growing and employing people.

I like to analyze numbers, situations and help clients with their ongoing requirements to run their businesses efficiently.

I am a Entrepreneur, good team player, however I like to take my own decisions, work around my own schedule. I like to mentor, coach and help clients to succeed in their chosen fields by contributing my share of work into theirs.

I like to work with people, I do have adequate knowledge and skills required to run an Accounting practice. All my clients enjoy working with me and I am confident new ones coming on board would have an excellent experience of working together.



We will calculate your taxes at most efficient tax structure and ensure best wealth preservation. We will pay special attention to your corporate situation on a year to year basis. You may have questions regarding your taxes, income splitting with family to minimize tax payments, Capital gain exemption, and if you require restructuring your corporation, we can take care of all those concerns. In addition to tax planning we place special focus and attention in the following areas: - Individual taxes - Corporate taxes - Special elections - Trust taxes - Goods and services tax (GST)

We prepare payroll on an monthly and bi-weekly basis for our clients. All that you are required to do is to send in hours or salaries for your employees and we will prepare pay stubs for your employees along with your monthly payroll tax amount reports to be submitted to Canada Revenue Agency. We will take care of preparing T4, T5 and other relevant T slips at the end of calendar year.

Non-profits require audits to continue receiving financial support and to let the general public know if they are using the contributions in an efficient manner. We are able to provide audited financial statements for non-profits. We also provide other accounting services for non-profits such as: - Compile financial statements to submit along with annual returns. - Design and install your accounting system. - Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payroll preparation. - Payroll tax preparation and deposits.

Here at G Dhillon Professional Corporation, we are able to help you start your new business. We will help you in a variety of ways as listed below: - Identify the structure of your business: Proprietor, partnership or corporation. - Incorporate, set up business number, select year end, and train you or your staff for bookkeeping. - Set up other relevant accounts with Canada Revenue Agency. - Shareholder agreements. - Workers Compensation board representation. - Loan arrangements.

We prepare financial statements in an accurate and timely fashion using Accounting Standard for Private Enterprises (ASPE). Here at our firm we understand the importance of completing your financial statements in time so that you can pay your taxes in time. Notice to Reader: Many of our clients require Notice to Reader level of reporting. Typically owner managed businesses where the companies do not require very big loans. The users of financial statement in this category are mainly owners who require their taxes be filed and they need to calculate their profits. Reviewed Statements – Limited Assurance: The businesses who require bigger loans, and the banks and other financial institutions are the users of these financial statements. The statements could be required in more timely fashion, as banks require those for continuous financing and compliance purposes. Review engagements are less extensive than an audit, but more involved than a compilation. More extensive and analytical procedures are required for Review Engagements. Audits: Audits engagements require an accountant to provide highest level of assurance. It requires more extensive and objective analysis of the financial statements. Audits help to satisfy: - Investors, - Pressure groups, - Customers and suppliers, - Comply with bank covenants, - Help detect any material fraud and prevent the same.

Business valuation may be required in variety of situations like considering new shareholders, resolve disputes, estate planning, marital dissolution, or considering selling. We work closely with you to evaluate your business as it is not an exact science however using our best judgement, utilization of other tools and your inputs we are able to evaluate the dollar value of your precious empires you have built for yourself. This certainly ensures that you realize the best value for your business.

If you are planning to apply for business financing for your new projects or expansion of the existing business, approaching the bank without appropriate plan and supporting documents, may not result into securing loans. We can help you develop a business plan that can help in achieving required funds to make your dreams come true. We are able to develop a loan proposal with: - Executive Summary. - Pro-forma cash budgets and Financial Statements - Owner’s Personal Financial Statements - Representation with the bank on your behalf.