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Greenbloom Landscape Design Inc

Lawrence Manor


Greenbloom Landscape Design Inc

Lawrence Manor


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8 March 2015

Snow removed with the best equipment
One of the things I like about Greenbloom Landscaping is that the company has top quality equipment. They had come for landscaping maintenance a couple of times and I was extremely satisfied by their work. This time I needed them for snow removal. So, I called back. They managed to amaze me once more. They arrived with these great snow plowing tiny jeeps, which fitted even in my narrow walkways and driveway and cleaned all snow from everywhere. They even cleaned trees and roof. Very thorough work! I admire their meticulous work and I like that the company invests in such high tech machinery. More...



7 March 2015

Snow removal plus landscape design plus…
When you get involved (professionally) with Greenbloom Landscaping, you just forget about gardening and snow problems and focus on your own work. At least, this is what I do. I had hired Greenbloom for landscaping maintenance and various services and I have never imagined that I would enjoy their woodwork, stonework, and landscape design Toronto ideas and work so much. When the winter came, I called them for snow removal. Equally exceptional service! These guys let you forget about these matters. One phone call and they take care of everything for you. Plus, great prices and great contractors! More...



18 February 2015

I called back for snow removal this time
I had the people of Greenbloom Landscaping at home planting flowers and taking care of my plants. They are the best landscaping contractors in Toronto if you ask me. I had hired them just to trim my trees and they finally seeded and fixed the entire property. By the way, excellent landscaping maintenance! The best thing was that they gave me some tips on how to protect my plants during winter and also prepared the whole garden for the snowing days. Later on, I called them for snow removal. They had done such an excellent preparation in the garden and they didn't have to intervene. They just had to remove snow from the roof, sidewalks and driveway. Equally great job! They are the best! More...



12 February 2015

I hire them for more than snow removal
I knew that the contractors of Greenbloom Landscaping were excellent in their work because I had hired them two springs back to take care of my garden. The company has fantastic landscape design Toronto contractors and they had some brilliant ideas. They were fast, too. So, when we had problems with the accumulation of snow at our sidewalks the following winter, we called them back for snow removal. They were equally quick. The snow removal contractors were on time and did a fabulous job. I will keep calling for my garden needs. More...



1 September 2014

Beautiful new outdoor space!
After deliberating about what kind of patio to choose for my backyard I am very pleased
with our decision to have a flagstone patio installed. It looks very polished and very tidy. I
like an organized and neat backyard and flagstone was the perfect choice. I am sure my
family will be enjoying it for years and years to come.



30 April 2014

Fence Building

When getting a fence built, it is important to hire or get the job done by people that are experienced with the knowledge of proper building and installation techniques. A bad weather day can be all a fence needs to topple over and destroy everything that is lined up inside the encompassing boundaries of the fence. Toronto Landscaping professionals have the tools and know-how of the mechanics of a good quality built fence. Their professionals are strong in principals, as they accomplish their tasks of fence building with durability and dependability. More...



30 April 2014

Lawn Maintenance

I get regular compliments about how great my lawn looks thanks to the great lawn care maintenance crew that comes out every week. I don't have time for lawn care maintenance, but they make my yard look great. More...



29 April 2014

Lawn Maintenance

Without Darren my lawn would probably look like a jungle, because my idea of maintenance is definitely not the same as his! However, he does a great job every time he is here which is why I leave all of my lawn maintenance tasks to him. More...