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I am a personal trainer for golds gym. I went to hilltop academy for my schooling and have 2 years experience as a trainer but have been constantly working out/ weightlifting since i was 18 years old. I placed 4th in the BC Cup natural bodybuilding show for my first show in the bikini category.


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Daniel Caine

22 May 2019

Friendly and welcoming gym with decent facilities and lovely staff. One of the PTs there, Jermi, has been a massive help for me in terms of my training. Highly recommend!


Graham Jenkins

26 April 2019

During my travels I have seen a lot of gyms. This one is a good one. It's apparent it's been around for a bit as the lockers had their fair share of wear but it was clean and had everything I needed. I arrived around 7:15am on a Saturday morning and had the lifting room to myself (which is nice to not have to wait for a rack). As it got closer to 8:30am, and I was in the main machine area, there were still benches available when the gym started getting busier. I never had to wait for a piece of equipment. Which for me is a big deal. Staff made it easy for a drop in, not an excessive amount of paperwork, just the basics. Well done Gold's Gym Langley. When I'm in town I'll be back. More...


Konnor Westwood

26 April 2019

Great gym! Some more preppy style here, staff told me I couldn’t put my bag down beside equipment but I still love the gym for its reputation! Mecca of Golds history on sunset beach in California like Arnold More...


mike towns

26 April 2019

Great gym, though too often too many lineups for equipment. Best part of Golds in this location, is also having a pool and steam room!! The drop in price rates are way too high though, if you don’t keep a monthly membership, or I would go back more often. More...


Yash Khatwani

26 April 2019

Great equipment. Amie, Taby and the rest of the crew always welcome you with a smile! :)


Jessica Booth

26 April 2019

Absolutely love the environment at this gym. Everyone is so welcoming and positive!


Bo Zhang

26 April 2019

I have been a member here for many years now. The staff here are quite friendly and welcoming. They would frequently ask for feedbacks from members and upgrade their gym equipment on a regular basis.


CMT Flomen

26 April 2019

10/10 experience collaborating with Gold's Gym UBC for a great cause! I was extremely pleased with the kindness Gold's showed to our fundraiser Anchor Splash! Each year our organization hosts a series of water compeittions to raise money for the Delta Gamma Foundation and Canadian Institute for the Blind; this honours our mission - Service for Sight. Gold's generously donated two 1-month memberships and a full semester membership complete with personal training for our auction. Overall, we had a great expereince working with them and would love to continue this collaboration. More...



26 April 2019

Has been working out here for more than 5 years and the equipment is always clean. Mike Zhang helped me to get the best plan and has been giving me so many constructive advice for body building. Way better experience comparing to Bird Coop as there’s little to no waiting time here. Really recommend it to bring friends More...


Thunderbird Dance Team

26 April 2019

Fantastic gym, super friendly staff, and an incredible sponsor for our annual dance battle event on campus that raises money for a local mental health initiative. They really went above and beyond with their sponsorship package, too. We're very impressed by their level of community involvement on campus, and we really hope to work with them again in the future! More...



26 April 2019

Gold's Gym was very generous in their donation of gym passes to support the UBC Science Undergraduate Society Health and Wellness Committee. The staff was very welcoming and friendly! More...


Kerri Carter

27 March 2019

Amazing facility, knowledgeable staff, the pool is awesome!This gym cares about the community outside it's 4 walls, not just inside them. They give back.Having newer workout equipment it really nice, they obviously care about their customers enough to upgrade everything for us! More...


Yongjae Lee

25 February 2019

I think her name is Amie(?) but every time I've visited, I have always been greeted with a smile and with great customer service. She knew how to answer all the questions I had regarding the gym and was patient with me regardless of the number of questions. Really appreciated the help! More...


Tighe Andreou

25 February 2019

Fantastic facility and staff. Amie and the rest of the gang do a great job in providing a friendly atmosphere in which it is easy to reach your goals and succeed. All in all, one of the best gyms I've ever been to. More...

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By setting targets. It's all about setting little process goals to help get to the product goal. If you just focus on one big goal a year down the road it can feel like a you might never get there. That's why we set smaller goals to add up to the big goal. I always say it in terms of check points, when you're running a race there are check points you must get to throughout the entire race and then you have the finish line at the end. If we just focus on masking it to that check point every time not worrying about the finish line, before you know it we're already there!
And always keeping track of results using pictures, measurements and how you feel and how your clothes fit, i don't focus on weight because that's what society has put in our heads but it['s just a number, it's all about how you feel. I only weigh myself if in going into competition prep.

“If you talk about it, it's a dream, if you envision it, it's possible, but if you schedule it, it's real.” - Tony Robbins.
Don't have a dream, just do! That's what I say. Change comes with action. It's not about getting the body of your dreams, you can't know what you'll look like on the other side of your transformation because you're not there yet. So i say don't have a dream, have a PLAN! If you don't plan then plan to fail. You need to make this your new life because in order to live a life you've never lived you have to things you've never done. This new life of loving yourself and feeling amazing inside every day. Stepping out of your comfort zone and allowing yourself to be the person you so desperately want to be. Give yourself the permission to be do and have everything you want. Focusing on yourself is not selfish, it's necessary if you plan on living a fulfilled life. It's not going after your dreams, it's going after what you want for yourself. You have to schedule yourself in to your calendar, otherwise if you put yourself last then you will never get there i'm sorry but there is no if an's or but's about it. Once you are able to have a better relationship with yourself all the other relationships in you life with flourish. So basically make a Plan, Schedule yourself, and FOLLOW THROUGH! That is the recipe for success!

When someone tells me i can do X now when i could do it before working with you. That is what validates my job for me. In terms of everything, lifting a weight, do an exercise, bending over without back hurting, wearing a dress or duration on exercise.

I want to break people from their limiting beliefs like i had about myself and overcame.

Because i've been there, and i know you're saying "oh you have no idea" but honestly i know everything looks good about me now but 4 years ago with was wasting away addicted to drugs and partying and -11$ in my bank account. Ate whatever i wanted because the only other thing i was doing what cocaine so i didn't gain weight but i was so unhealthy. Could barely lift anything over 50lbs and had no cardio whatsoever. I would lose my voice almost every weekend and getting sick was a regular thing for me. I knew i had to change so i told my parents what was going on with me and to my surprise they didn't judge me like i so feared they would, they said we're going to help you get through this. (it's ok to ask for help, something i still struggle with) and then from there got off drugs but my eating habits were still the same and then that's where the weight gain happened. With no cocaine or hours of dancing to burn it off it just stayed on my body. i had always worked out and went to the gym but never really had a plan for myself fitness wise. so one day overnight i went vegan (after i found out all the health risks involved with eating animal products while i was researching nutrition) and signed up for a new gym and got serious about myself. now 4 years later im a trainer and just competed in my first bodybuilding show! i had no one showing me the way, there are so many things i wish i knew then that would have skyrocketed my progress but what can you do. Let me be that person for you.