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That’s right; our gym is available to you around the clock via Key Fob Access no matter the time, day of the week or what holiday the world is celebrating.
Joining a gym can be a fantastic way to taking that first step and taking control of your health and lifestyle.


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Catherine Coombs

8 February 2019

The staff at Forest City Fitness are amazing individuals make you feel so at home and welcomed!!! Helping you always to reach your GOAL and constant MOTIVATION!!!


Rebecca Naylor

27 December 2018

Great community! Very welcoming to newcomers.


Tina Hooper

7 December 2018

All their classes are great!!!


Sarah Jones

30 June 2018

So listen, kids. I'm lazy. Like, suuuuuuper lazy. Other than a lackadaisical effort at playing batcatcher, I'm dedicated only to my reader's bod. BUT. But. This place has changed the tune of my procrastinating, slowly-getting-plumper canary. We got lucky enough on our initial visit to meet the manager Randi, who has the right combination of effervescence, charm, and precociousness to speak to my intrepid, nerdy heart. We signed up on the spot. We did an app orientation with Ben, and an equipment orientation with May Lou, both of whom had incredible game and savoir-faire; they each knew exactly how to speak to my partner (a tall drink of water getting back into good habits) and me (a not-exactly-fat-but-kind-of-and-approaching-the-danger-zone intellectual with no gym experience) and made us both feel competent and motivated. We joined with a Groupon, but have already committed to more. To top it off, the other members have been nothing but kind and encouraging. Above all, this luxury gym is NEVER FULL. This is, hands down, the best gym I have ever seen, thought about, or been to. This is my gym, kids. This is my gym. More...


Perron Goodyear

27 June 2018

Forest City Fitness is more than a gym. It is a community. The staff care about their members and not just money. Best gym I have ever been a part of.


Stephanie Worsfold

13 October 2017

AMAZING GYM!! So many positive things! It's clean, amazing staff, great equipment, smoothie bar and even filtered water!!n The list goes on!!


Allie Lahn

5 July 2017

BEST GYM EXPERIENCE IN LONDON, ON. Staff are friendly, equipment is high tech, in beautiful shape and a very clean, encouraging environment. Can't beat 24/7 access. Cool workout smartphone app integration for keeping track of progress, booking classes, etc. I would never go back to a Goodlife/chain gym after this experience, plus they have a lounge, Wifi and delicious smoothies. I live in BC now but this gym really felt like a second home and I will continue to work out here when I return to London for long visits. Thanks FCF & keep growing - You're doing it right! More...


Alex Moore

1 June 2017

A great gym. Staff is helpful and cheerful all the time. All new equipment and well maintained. Come and work out.


Linda Marie Tuck

18 May 2017

This gym is awesome. The staff are awesome and always ready to help. You are treated as person, not just another member. I like the fact the staff makes sure to know your name! More...


Caity Galbraith

11 April 2017

Started with a groupon, randi was so helpful and made it easy and comfortable as a first time visitor! I am addicted to drum fit after one class!! Randi is high energy and positive and encouraging!! It's SO fun! More...


Joe Larter

6 April 2017

I'm loving this gym. I need some guidance to be the next Tank Joey prodigy. Lol


Kathryn Larter

4 April 2017

Only my 2nd workout but already love it. Being recognized when you walk in by name...Huge plus. Everything is well maintained and super clean.


Bryan Sodawater

22 March 2017

New to the gym but it is the best experience I have ever had with any of the gyms I've been a member of before. Highly recommend this gym!


Ryan Chambers

18 February 2017

True 24/7/365. Clean. New/high-tech equipment (treadmills track stats on phone). Strict indoor shoe policy which I guess is a plus. Staff are enthusiastic. Smallish gym but has everything you need and usually not overly busy. More...


James MacDonald

2 January 2017

Great staff, awesome facility and members - look forward to the next workout ��


Tiniah Mc

1 December 2016

This gym and it's atmosphere is AMAZING! So welcoming and true to their 3 F's :D


James Salisbury

15 September 2016

Love this gym, best fitness experience. Great facility, great members and spectacular staff.


Paula Ondrasek

2 August 2016

Great gym! It is clean and friendly. The trainers are all very attentive and helpful. The group classes are interesting and the trainers change the content all the time to keep things interesting. All the equipment/free weights you could need are available and there is never a wait. More...


Katie Carter

18 June 2016

Fun, Fresh, and Friendly! Fun classes, and people; fresh space, equipment and smoothies; Super friendly staff, personal trainers, management and even the clientele! I really, and truly love this place! Thanks for opening! More...


Ashley Smith

18 April 2016

Incredible gym! Friendly atmosphere. Phenomenal staff. Love the classes! Highly Recommend.


Rob McCullough

14 April 2016

Just giving a big shout out thank you to Joey and his team for this great workout environment. Friendly supportive staff, impeccably clean. A special shout out to my perosnal trainer Dave Leek who kicks my butt a couple of times a month and provides challenging homework between sessions. Thank you for creating this space! More...


Brandy Petersen

23 January 2016

Amazing staff! Clean with brand new equipment! Great place to workout!


Jeff Campbell

15 January 2016

Super clean place , best staff I ever come across . Open 24/7 , never have to worry about having to get to the gym before it closes . Price is right too .


Brittney Jay

5 January 2016

I've been going since September and definitely recommend it!


Tyler Donaldson

17 December 2015

Great atmosphere...Great staff.....Great workout !!!


David Otterbein

11 December 2015

Fantastic gym with staff that actually want you to succeed. I would recommend going to this gym if you're looking for a great workout atmosphere as well as a place to meet new people. 5stars*****


Carmen Wat

30 September 2015

Went in last Monday to check the place out, I liked them so much that came back on Friday to join. They got some friendly people working there. Joe and Randi knew my name when I walked in the doors on Monday. Tell me a place that already knows your name before you join - makes you feel like you're more than just another member More...


Cindy Wright Theriault

26 September 2015

Love this gym...the classes are great. Getting in shape is lots of fun here!!


Jacqueline Laird

25 September 2015

Finally a gym that makes you feel comfortable and welcome, regardless of your fitness level!!!


Joe Bright

15 September 2015

Awesome new gym with a great equipment setup! Some of the most friendly staff I've met! Def. check these guys out!


Melanie Kicks

10 September 2015

I went to the open house and was so impressed that I signed up the next day. Randi went through everything with me and was so nice and made me feel comfortable. I went a few days later for my tour and orientation on the machines. Tina was very approachable and showed me everything I needed to know. I have only heard positive comments about the owner Joe and he is a very friendly and positive person. I will definitely enjoy working out there on a regular basis. More...


Jordan Jeffery Moore

8 September 2015

love this gym great atmosphere, fair price and quality people


Dyandra Wester

5 September 2015

A great space with great people. I'm very excited to be a part of this fit family!


Pamela Jo Gray

11 June 2015

So far all of the experiences that I've had with Joe and Randi at Forest City Fitness have been AWESOME !! Wonderful people who are out for the best interest of their clients. This will be one big happy family :) If I'm getting off my duff to work out again, there must be a big something going on here :) More...

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