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***During these very hectic times our health professionals are here to help you. All sessions will be virtual so you can remain in the comfort of your homes, and a sliding scale is available for those in need. ***

Dynamic Health is an Integrative Healthcare Clinic in North York and we want to hear from you!


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28 April 2020

Over the last 6 weeks, I have had the opportunity to receive small group counselling as a support to an educational webinar series for caregivers (SCALE through OCO). This counselling has all been done online and it has worked very well technically. The counsellor reinforced the learning from the webinars and provided valuable guidance on how to deal with the stressors that we caregivers are facing during COVID 19. The sessions provided a safe and comfortable space to share information with other caregivers and to reflect on strategies for self-care. I found the sessions to be extremely valuable and enriching. More...

27 April 2020

I am so grateful to have found the counselling services that are provided here.
In a time of great stress and need it was so wonderful that everything I needed was provided in a timely and professional manner. Mindfulness was a great bonus. It is such a relief knowing that if the need arises in the future I can come here again. Thank you so much! More...

25 March 2020

I appreciated the manner in which I was received and treated at this Clinic. Their manner is entirely professional. I have confidence in treatments received.

24 March 2020

Dynamic Health Team provided me with,
knowledge, expertise and a caring environment.

22 March 2020

It has been a very good experience. Michal has been patient and wonderful. I appreciate during this time of unrest the ability to speak to Michal by phone. I would like only for the cost to be more affordable as we move forward as times will be getting more stressful in every way. Thank you More...

22 March 2020

Compassionate and knowledgeable health professionals, providing sound and practical advice.

22 March 2020

Thank you so much for all your services Leah!!!

28 February 2020

Professional and warm clinic with a team of great practitioners. I highly recommend!

27 February 2020

I had such a great experience with the team at Dynamic Health. They were professional and knew just how to help improve my condition. I am very grateful for all their support! More...

27 February 2020

The ladies working here are all so kind and professional. I can tell they really care about all of their patients. Highly recommend!

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Crucial. The food we digest become a part of the cells that make up our bodies. We want to promote healthy cellular functioning so that all systems of our body work well, including our minds.

I love connecting with people and finding them the right practitioner to work with.

I saw that there was no communication between healthcare providers in the community and I wanted to provide care in a different way.

We are for real. We want you to achieve your goals and become independent with self-care. We will track your progress and successes, we will make sure you have the right practitioner at the right time for the right reasons, and we really care about satisfaction with the experience.