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Since 1999, Benchmark has partnered with clients in Toronto to provide in-home/condo health, fitness and wellness services. Our holistic offering includes performance coaching, personal training, yoga, Pilates, nutrition coaching and massage therapy.


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25 February 2019

They were very quick to respond with the information I requested. I look forward to booking my first training session.

Thank you, Michelle. We look forward to assisting you with your fitness goals!

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High performance training that goes beyond general fitness, weight loss and toning exercises.

In-home/condo private and partner based Pilates based on mat work to help lengthen and lean the body.

Depending on your fitness goals, our personal trainers will assist you with increasing your strength, speed and endurance or help you get lean, tone and lose weight. Once you complete your client intake form, that will serve as a road map for which trainer you'll work with and the strategy to successfully achieve results.

Our instructors teach a myriad of practices that are custom tailored to your specific needs and requirements which help you address functional strength, imbalances, posture and flexibility.

Benchmark's massage therapists use a blend of swedish and sports massage techniques to ensure that any potential injuries are addressed, treated and that you also have a relaxing and soothing experience.

We work with our clientele to better understand how they eat, why they eat and teach them mindful and intuitive eating techniques, meal planning and holistic living to prevent disease, lose weight and feel their best.