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I train a wide variety of individuals including weight loss, muscle gain, strength training, corrective exercise and sports performance. My focus is on helping people who do not feel comfortable alone in the gym get the results they want while helping building their confidence in the gym.

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Yeg Gym Review

15 January 2019

No contract, affordable rates, top of the line equipment, and most of the clientele is looking to work on athletic development. Really cool atmosphere. This is the original location, so the equipment is a lot less standardized (which just means there are more bar variations, etc. to choose from). More...


nathan smith

2 October 2018

Amazing atmosphere. This is a place you can truly achieve your goals. Not just another social club.


Olivia F

17 April 2018

I met with Leah from In To It Nutrition out of Evolve; I was mildly nervous, as I had been tracking my eating and wanted an outside perspective to the best way to get healthy. Leah was very knowledgeable and kind; I loved her "all food can be good" approach.

I am excited to start this journey and happy I made the leap!

The only negative; the parking lot is awful - there is a notice once you're inside stating you must park in "evolve" parking between business hours, and there is only a handful of them. Plus people double park in the limited stalls there are.


I am an authentic individual with a true passion to see people hit there goals and change their lives. I genuinely enjoy growing relationships with clients and helping them in any area they need.

Hiring me to help you make the changes you want to see is the best step you can take :)

Building relationships with people is hands down my favorite part of this job.

I am an extremely motivated individual and I am very passionate about making a difference in the fitness industry.

I guarantee you will enjoy yourself and see positive change toward your goals if you train with me.