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Gabi Honorbound

Very good service, good communication and excellent advice on how to manage the accounts.


Sean Wilkin

Very dedicated to understand your business and provide you sound and efficient strategies in a professional manner. Best accountant in Vancouver


Kelly Kristina

I would highly recommend ACRO Accounting & Bookkeeping to anyone. Li Liu of ACRO Accounting & Bookkeeping is reliable, diligent, and knowledgeable. She always puts her clients first and is very professional. More...


Karen Jones

I came to know about this company from a friend of mine my visit was awesome the expert is always there to help with best solutions i am sure i would like to continue this company in future too.


Tarlan Se

Go to Acro Accounting if you want to spend an additional few thousand dollars having a proper accountant fix all their mistakes.

The reports for our small business including year-end, remittance, and PST filings were completed incorrectly and cost us thousands of dollars in additional expenses. She charged $300 for bookkeeping a month of which she had done nothing and left our books a mess. We were told this when we left and went to a reputable accounting firm.

Our business incorporation was also one incorrectly although she didn't mind charging over $800 for it.

Buyer beware Lily and her team don't know what they are doing and when confronted, will do nothing to reimburse or help correct the mistake. It has been a costly lesson and I hope the takeaway is to do your research and get set up with a reputable accountant or firm from the get-go.

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