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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Welcome to Truebooks

Truebooks’ Team is pro-active and solution oriented, putting the best interests of our partners at the forefront.

Working in the cloud allows our partners to automate and streamline most of their time-consuming admin business processes.

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27 February 2020

My experience with Rosemine and her team at Truebooks is that they are committed to assisting every client's business. They achieve their goal by offering skills that are second to none. They are expert in their field and professionals who provide support. They collaborated with me to enhance the way my business data was collected to provide the most accurate results. In depth knowledge and excellent results.

At Truebooks, they keep on updating their services, researching what is best for their clients and maintaining their current best for each project.

Would recommend!
-Sarah Keats

11 February 2020

My experience with Rosemine and her team at Truebooks is that they are committed to assisting every client’s business. They achieve their goal by offering skills that are second to none. They are expert in their field and professionals who provide support. They collaborated with me to enhance the way my business data was collected to provide the most accurate results. In depth knowledge and excellent results. At Truebooks, they keep on updating their services, researching what is best for their clients and maintaining their current best for each project. Would recommend! More...

Reviewed on Facebook

19 December 2019

Always professional and helpful

Reviewed on Facebook


Truebooks is a Virtual Bookkeeping, Accounting, Admin, and Advisory Services Company that works exclusively in the Cloud.

We thrives at serving remotely Small Businesses, operating in diverse fields & industries all over Canada, by using leading technology

Xero Online Cloud Accounting
Hubdoc Data Automation
Payroll, Tax & Remittances
End to end AR/AP Automation
Admin Outsourcing Services
Advisory Services

I would say that working with a great professional is important but even more with someone who not only understand you and your reality but who is also able to speak your language, communicate daily, adjust to your needs and participate actively in your project by getting you to keep your eyes on the big picture: running a profitable business.

Savvy business owners know the importance of recording their daily business transactions accurately and in a timely manner. If you are a small business owner, the job of record keeping likely falls on your to-do list. Sometimes the day-to-day priorities of operating your business leave you with little or no time to complete the recording and you push it aside to be completed later. Before you know it, the stacks of receipts, invoices, and bills are overwhelming and seemingly insurmountable and now tax preparation season is right around the corner.

As well understanding the financial health of their business is crucial however, few owners know how to interpret the data provided in the financial reports generated by their accounting software. Consolidated data reported from the day-to-day activities provides insight into the company’s fiscal wellness. The data tells a story of what is working or not working within your organization if you know how to interpret the information provided.

Working with a professional that knows and understand your reality, your daily challenges is key because by being proactive at bringing enhanced solutions adapted to your needs and assisting you understand the analytics of financial statements will provide you the insights you need to make sound decisions for your business.

We help small business owners achieve their goal without having them compromising on their lifestyle.

By using cloud based platform and technology we are able to bring to small business owners perspectives and tools that they would have not been able to use few years ago because of how costly it was before the technology evolved. Most of our clients didn’t knew that small business owners have access to apps, tools, an online integrated systems for a fraction of the price, that allow them to dragstically improve their most important admin processes, reduce their costs, and cut back on many managerial tasks keeping them away from their family either on week day evenings and/or weekend mornings.

Now, because they opened up their mind on working differently, they can use more time with family and enjoy their life or re-invest it in core profitable business activities. We give them options. This is what we love the most about what we do.

When I (Rosemine) became pregnant of my daughter, it was obvious to me that I didn’t want to go back in the corporate world once my pregnancy leave would be over. I still wanted to support financially our household.

Shortly after, I decided that serving small business owners, mostly from home, would be an ideal situation, as it would still allow me to raise my daughter at the same time.

Since then, my spouse Hugo came on board and we are now taking this business to an elite level. Hugo has over 20 years of customer services & marketing. He is extremely knowledgeable and adapts quickly to any kind of systems.

We are very complementary and make a terrific team.

We believe that success starts by helping others and we take pride in what we do. We do it with the highest level of ethics, integrity and devotion.

We are team players that want to contribute to the most vital part of our Canadian economy: small businesses. When teaming up with Truebooks, you’re more than a simple client… you’re a partner. What does that mean to you? It means: We return every emails, phone calls or inquiries within 24 hrs. You have access to weekly updates on your financial picture. Monthly online face-to-face meeting in all our packages. We not only do your books, we constantly and proactively look for solutions to enhance every aspect of your business.

Lastly, we are also entrepreneurs who run a small business. We understand where most of them are coming from, what incited them to start their business. We speak their language and want to be part of their success, win with them.

Absolutely! We have always been a virtual bookkeeping firm. We leverage technology to offer multiple added services. We are proactively hands on. This means that beside doing your books, we help you to put in place (or improve) your operating system. By "operating system", we mean making sure that all apps or software used to manage your business (operations, accounting, payroll, data automation) all work in sync. Making it more efficient and time saving so you can focus your energy on specific areas that to grow or improve your business.
We might suggest you other apps (we often do) that could help to improve your way to run your business. There is a lot of great tools available for entrepreneurs and we bring that expertise with us. Because just like you, we are entrepreneurs and understands what is like to run a business.

Since we were already a virtual bookkeeping firm before Covid-19, we didn't have to make much more adjustment. We met our clients either over phone or Zoom conversation. All receipts are transmitted through the Cloud with Data Automation software (Hubdoc).


Here’s why we love Cloud Accounting:

1. Get paid faster with online invoicing
Send online invoices to your customers - and get updated when they’re opened

2. Run your business on the go
Use our mobile app to reconcile, send invoices, create expense claims – from anywhere

3. Collaborate and advise
Specifically designed for small business and easy to utilize providing a unique platform where you can collaborate easily online with your team and advisor

4. Add-on Marketplace
Integrates with a large network of applications (800+) to help manage all aspects of your business

5. Safe and secure
Provides Bank level security which means your information is guarded at the same level as internet banking. Relax you’re in good hands!

Say Goodbye to paperwork & filling cabinets!

*All financials documents in one place, automatically!
You can finally stop chasing down missing bills and statements*

1. Automatically fetch your bills
When you connect your accounts, your recurring bills and statements will automatically be retrieved by Hubdoc and will be added to your secure account in the cloud.

2. Say goodbye to data entry errors
Hubdoc uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to analyze your receipts (and other scanned documents) for useable data.

3. Syncs with your Xero accounting.
Now your Truebooks bookkeeper can gain access to all your bookkeeping, directly from Hubdoc. We simply grant access to anyone who needs to access the documents.

*Full Cycle & Catch-up bookkeeping*

Whether you are current or behind with your books, we will support you.
As your virtual bookkeeper, Truebooks assists you with:

1. Tracking Materials, Supplies, and Fixed Assets
2. Recording Accounts Payable
3. Recording Accounts Receivable
4. Manage Payroll & Tax Liabilities
5. Reconcile Bank Statements
6. Adjusting Entries
7. Filling of important documents/ contracts in the Cloud
8. Reporting

- All your source documents are captured with Hubdoc

"Hiring new employees is already a challenge, let’s make sure you keep your talented one happy and engaged" -

Say goodbye to manual calculations, excel spreadsheets, and data transfers. When you team up with Truebooks, it’s like adding an entire payroll department to your team.

1. No more miscalculated checks, 2. late CRA Remittances payments or 3. overlooked bank holidays. Truebooks uses Xero to handle your GST and provincial taxes and state-of-the-art payroll app that syncs fully with Xero.
(Payment Evolution - Our favorite -, Wagepoint, or JustPayroll)

- Here are few of the benefits using a payroll app: -

Pay your staff
a. Beautiful, online payroll to accurately pay your staff on-time.
b. Capability to Import Time Sheets from other cloud software
c. All source deductions - CPP, EI, taxes and more
d. Custom pay rules for deductions, benefits and earnings
e. Records of Employment
f. Year-end tax slips T4, T4A, RL-1 and summaries
g. Access anytime from any modern web browser
h. Always updated with latest tax tables - nothing to install

- Online pay history -
a. Employee self service - anytime, anywhere
b. Access pay slips and pay statements quickly from desktop, tablet or mobile.
c. View online or download PDF statements as needed
d. Tax slips T4, T4A and RL-1 available anytime
e. All historical data retained - no more lost slips

"No more trips to the bank!"

"If you want to eliminate checks, make everything digital and improve your cash flow, here’s the ultimate solution"

Truebooks works with Plooto to offer our partners efficient AP & AR workflows and seamless integration that saves countless hours.

*Accounts receivable*
1. Get paid faster, easier, for less hassle
2. Know your cash flow
3. Different range of payment options: Recurring, Pre-Authorized debits or One-off
4. Payment reporting status
5. Instant information
6. Bank-grade security
7. Transition your finances to be 100% digital

*Accounts payable*
1. Online approval with a click. You just need an email address
2. Electronic payments to get away from checks
3. Instant reconciliation for perfect books
4.Complete controls, audit trails & record keeping
5. Easy for Vendors. Domestic, international or even Government (CRA)
6. Bank-grade security

-- Besides recording your accounts payable, Plooto allow us to set up all your payments on your behalf remotely. You are then notified by email and can approve or decline the payment transaction wherever you are. You keep 100% control.
*Inquiry about our Admin Outsourcing Services for Bill payments.*

"Do what you do best and outsource the rest!" -

Outsourcing refers to the way in which you entrust the processes of your business functions to an external service provider like Truebooks. -
On top of your accounting, we can assist with any of your admin tasks, higher or lower level. Here are few examples:
1. Invoicing
2. Bill payments
3. Follow-up on quotes
4. After sales services
5. Collection (High Level; comes with Advisory Services)
6. Budgeting (High Level; comes with Advisory Services)
7. Cash Flow Forecasting (High Level; comes with Advisory Services)

- Book your FREE consultation TODAY to discuss about Admin Processes/tasks you would consider outsourcing. -

“The important thing about outsourcing is that it becomes a very powerful tool to leverage talent, improve productivity and reduce work cycles.”
-Azim Premji (business tycoon) -

The most essential benefit of outsourcing services as a small business is the ability to effectively scale your business. - By using Truebooks Admin Outsourcing Services you will gain on several angles
1. Access to Skilled Resources & Expertise
The job gets done at better quality and more efficiently

2. Maintain Lower Costs
Save big time on recruitment, salary and training.

3. Focus on Core Activities
Refocus your in-house resources on activities that makes you profitable

4. Faster and Better Services
Produce faster quality deliverable, increasing turnaround time to customers and satisfaction

5. Increase in-house Efficiency
Allows you to redistribute strategically the in-house the workload where it’s needed

6. Give your business a Competitive Edge
Increased productivity, Better services to your customers while your competitors have not yet realized the benefits of outsourcing -

“If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you’re putting yourself out of business.”
-Lee Kuan Yew (prime minister of Singapore for over 3 decade)

Truebooks’ Advisory Services are meant to strategize for the success and growth of our partners’ businesses. We religiously believe that success starts by helping others. -

“85% of Businesses working with a
Xero Certified Advisor succeeded 5 years or longer.
By contrast, about half of Canadian small businesses got out of operations within the same time frame” -

We primarily focus on developing close relationships and put in place efficient communication channel with each of our partners (you). We are always just one phone call, email or Zoom meeting away And we enjoy giving you insights. Being available to our partners and involved in their decision-making process is something we take pride in. -

We offer constant comprehensive financial reporting and assistance to allow our partners to convert the data into direct actions. This occur at the end of each period. Every business owner benefits from understanding the financial health of their business; however, we found out that only few know how to interpret the data provided in the financial reports. Consolidated data reported from the day-to-day activities provides insight into the business’ fiscal wellness. Truebooks excels at analyzing financial statements to provide business owners the insights they need to make sound decisions for their business. -

Perhaps you might have a special project on the way and require deeper analysis (cash flow forecasting, budgeting, collection, increase in enrollment, acquisition, loan application, etc). We can assist. -

None the less, we also stay on top of new technology, apps or software that could benefits our partners. Lots of IT developers have seen the potential of serving small businesses. Since recently, access to powerful softwares, AI (artificial intelligence technology) and complex system interaction was only available to corporations able to pay big dollars. Not anymore. Whatever the challenge you are facing, Truebooks (almost!) guarantee you that we will find one or a stack of apps that can assist your business and syncs wonderfully with Xero. So that we keep working in a smart and efficient way. -

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now”
- Alan Lakein (expert economist)

Why take up valuable office space with file cabinets and storage boxes filled with important receipts and documents. We work with, friendly user, Hubdoc app to capture your documents. We then pushed to your favorite Cloud Storage (Box, DropBox, ShareFile, SmartVault, Google Drive).
If you need prior months or years to be stored we can help you with this service.