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Do you find yourself going from one practitioner to another in search for help?

Is the advice you're getting conflicting, overwhelming to follow, and expensive?

​You may not have the answers to what you're looking for but you know the answers you've been given up until now are not working.

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23 October 2020

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17 March 2020

I met Tihana at a meetup event and instantly connected with her. She has such a kind, wise and compassionate energy. I decided to book a reiki session with her and I'm so glad that I did! It was such a powerful and healing session. I felt so much energy moving through my body and felt so much lighter and more at peace by the end of the session. She also shared information that she received about my past lives which was so helpful and made so much sense based on what I'm currently experiencing in my life. It was like having a reiki treatment and intuitive reading at the same time! Tihana is so gifted and kind and I absolutely recommend her! Thank you Tihana!! More...

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21 February 2020

I've worked with Tihana multiple times and she never ceases to amaze me with her incredibly in depth healing abilities on an emotional, energetic and physical levels (although everything is energy! ). She is powerful yet gentle at the same time. She is passionate about being of service, spirituality, nutrition and many other modalities. Tihana is very good at empathizing with all situations, and encouraging growth and change where needed with zero judgment. I highly recommend Tihana and hope you get a chance to meet her too More...

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16 February 2020

I met Tihana while on vacation in Bali and what a beautiful person she is. She transformed my life, and helped me walk through a door I wasn't able to walk through by myself. She did reiki (even on her vacation--because that's the kind of person she is) and healed back pain that I'd been suffering from for years! Doctors, pills, tests....none if it helped, yet here I am pain free after a healing session with this truly gifted individual. Come with an open mind. You won't be sorry. Patient, understanding, kind.....all the traits I wanted in a healer. Thank you Tihana for what you do so selflessly. More...

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15 February 2020

Recently, I had a reiki session with Tihana that changed my life. After she did the clearing, she explained that I was picking up a lot of energy from the outside world which was causing me confusion about my own life path. She was really kind and understanding as we uncovered some heavier personal things. I really appreciated how gentle and compassionate she was during this time. I followed her advice the next day, and it opened up a whole new world for me! With her tips and guidance, I maintained mental clarity and started manifesting my dream life. Other than reiki, her nutrition therapy service was another huge life changer for me. My main concern was increasing my energy levels and focus, so she looked at my diet both physically and energetically. What I got from this experience was truly eye opening; I learned that I was low in amino acids and that my digestion needed to be strengthened. Both these services played such a big role in my health and well-being today and I can’t thank Spiritlicious enough for all the support and guidance. I highly recommend the reiki and nutrition therapy, and will be coming back to try their other services! More...

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14 February 2020

If you are looking for someone to guide you through your personal growth, look no further. Tihana is an intuitive leader with finely tuned skills.

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