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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


You might be wondering about life coaching. This is more than life coaching, it’s “Love-Your-Life Coaching”. My mission is to help people to love everything about their lives, and adapt or change the things they don’t appreciate.

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24 March 2020

For me, the most important quality of a coach is empathy; the ability to understand a student's strength and, more importantly, weaknesses, and tailor his/her coaching according to individual's needs. First think I can tell confidently about Doug as a coach is he has empathy for his students. He cares and he pays attention. That is his forte as a coach.

Doug also provides his constructive feedback, when necessary, in a candid way. Doug coached me for physical training, as well as he provided me general psychological counselling to improve my general observation about world, people and businesses. I was always impressed by his objective views and ability to look at things as they are; something which seems very simple but we often miss out because of the convoluted ways we're conditioned to think. I highly recommend Doug as a coach.

15 March 2020

Knowledgeable, understanding, respectful and with great honesty to help me with my life challenges. Thank you for the courage that you have entrusted in me to take on life's journeys. There's many reasons why I would recommend you, if I had only one to pick it would be..... Purity! More...

12 March 2020

I have worked with Doug over several years and he has coached me during some of my most challenging times in life such as a divorce, substance abuse and a life long struggle with me weight. Doug to provided me objective, informed and practical coaching that helped me overcome challenges I had not been able to accomplish without him. I am truly grateful for the inspiring person he is and for the incredible support and guide he has been. More...

10 March 2020

Life, at times, throws a curve ball. And trying to make sense of it all, I learned, is never the best practice. But navigating thru it, which Doug of Spence Life, who encouraged and guided me thru, made it easier for me to accept and see things for what they are.
Thank you for everything!
I’m moving forward with much ease now.

10 March 2020

Really very professional and always ready to help out and great ideas

10 March 2020

My first session with Doug was very insightful and super helpful – We had a long discussion and covered different aspects of life. He asked great questions that helped me gain more clarity with respect to my career and personal goals. Talking with him also helped me align my focus to what really matters to me and navigate some challenges. I really appreciate Doug’s coaching, and I look forward to continuing working with him. More...

9 March 2020

Doug has helped me understand how the challenges in my life can help me achieve my goals. I wouldn't be where I am today without his help and guidance. Thanks Doug!

9 March 2020

Doug has helped me see how each challenge can be used to accomplish my goals. Without his support and guidance I wouldn't be where I am today! Thanks Doug!


You might be wondering about life coaching. This is more than life coaching, it’s “Love-Your-Life Coaching”. My mission is to help people to love everything about their lives, and adapt or change the things they don’t appreciate. I want you to experience coaching. What happens if you don’t experience coaching, you really don’t know anything about what it can do for you. Here’s the Real Secret to life coaching, better questions make for a better life. That is my job!

This is why I started my “Spence Life Coaching” service. I’d like to pass on the skills that I have learned throughout my life and share them with you.

I can help you…

Discover Hidden Gems About Yourself
Find Your Life Purpose
Get more Career or Business Satisfaction
Show you how to Feel Better Day to Day
Have more Love in your life
And More!

Here is what I believe about You!:

You Can Balance Your Feelings
You Can Do What You Love
You Can Love What You Do
You Can Expand Who You Are
You Can Unleash Your Love on the World
You Can Find Inner Peace & Fulfillment
Nothing is Missing Within You
Nobody Can Stop You But You
You Do Have Courage
You Can Become Unstoppable
You Can Change Your Life
It’s time to get more out of life. Let your love out into the world and show the world who you are.

Joy is on the other side of pain, lets get through this together. Love is Everywhere!

You can tackle challenges, discover your courage, become more, enjoy more. It starts here & now.

I run my coaching business in my spare time, sharing what I have learned from my sons (see pics), myself, and others about how we can all be whole, full of love, and have fulfilling lives in spite of our life’s challenges and differences with others.

I hope that you will join me for a free online coaching session, so you can see if “Spence Life Coaching” is a good fit for you.
Contact me to set up a meeting time.

All the best.

Doug Spence