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15 June 2020

Shelley is an Amazing , intuitive healer. I had an accurate and on point Akashic reading . She is a gifted and clear channel . I was struggling with a lot of fear and heaviness from my past . After the sessions with Shelley , I am coming more into myself . I feel lighter ,clearer and am able to move forward . I highly recommend Shelley. She showed her caring and loving support during and after the sessions. More...

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17 May 2020

Having a session with Shelley made me so much stronger! Have to reel back in the fire that came up and that keeps coming up. It gave me the clarity that I needed. Working with Shelley is always a blessing. More...

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13 May 2020

Shelley Tomelin is an incredible energy healer and i would recommend her services to anyone. Her guidance is gentle and intuitive to your needs, while ensuring that you feel held and supported throughout the process. Shelley has always provided me with a strong foundation of trust, love and awareness during our sessions. I highly recommend booking an Akashic Records reading with Shelley Tomelin. She was a strong channel for the guidance that i received and supported me throughout the whole process. More...

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26 March 2020

after the work Shelley did, i had a more focused look at things. i felt lighter, more open and connected to my higher self and felt freer in my heart to be able to process things through there rather than in my head.

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21 February 2020

I really am moved by the session with Shelly and the Akashic Consulting. I could feel myself resisting some of the answers and then afterwards they really settled in and I could see that was what I needed. Shelly has also offered me tools for my tool box that I use regularly. I highly recommend working with her as I know her to be truly gifted. More...

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26 January 2020

Working with Shelley has been a truly life altering experience for me. Through her healings I have learned so much about myself and how I process life's ups and downs. With her support I have been able to move through things that I have been 'stuck' on for a while. Shelley is lovely and has a gift for helping others. I would recommend this experience to anyone who feels ready for a shift in their life. More...

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