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I am a yoga instructor and fitness/life coach who can help you find a renewed confidence through movement and conscious health and lifestyle choices.
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My coaching is built for you based off of what you need. We have a consultation meet via Skype or in person and we figure out what best suits you and your goals.
Essentially I would like to move you through a guided program including but not limited to self-improving literature, a strong and daily yoga/meditation practice, nutritious and interesting meals plans that work with your budget, and potentially lead the client to a place of comfort and confidence in a gym.

The key to building a new lifestyle and finding true confidence is time investment, consistency, and reward.

I enjoy doing what I do because I love watching someone transform into who they’ve always wanted to be. I love knowing I helped someone find out what they want in life - or even what they don’t. I enjoy when people find enjoyment in the skills they learn with me. Watching someone become confident and comfortable is the dream job.

I find a sense of confidence and excitement in taking ownership over ones own employment. I find it exciting to be able to coach people through life and helping them find a place of trust and confidence in themselves.

I am passionate about helping people, I always have been, this is my dream career but it’s also a lifestyle for me, a part of who I am as a human. I care about you and I want to help you reach your goals.