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In a nutshell?
We deliver fitness to your door.
No parking, no travel time, no waiting for gym equipment. We come to you!

>>Mobile Personal Training.
>>In-home Personal Training.
>>Condo Personal Training.

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7 November 2019

5 years ago I reached out to revival fitness looking to hire a personal trainer to get in shape for an upcoming trip. I had just moved here from Ottawa and was looking for a trainer in Vancouver who would come to my condo gym. Adam was exactly what I was looking for because I was too busy to go to the gym or have the motivation to reach my goals. 5 years later and I am still training with him because I feel and look great! Thanks Adam! More...

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24 May 2019

After having a baby, I wanted some help getting back on track with my fitness. I chose Adam because he could come to my condo gym, which made child care a lot easier. He did a great job of motivating me the right amount to get me back in to fitness and better nutrition. His workouts matched my fitness levels and became more challenging as I grew stronger. I would 100% recommend him as a personal trainer. You won't be disappointed with his style of training and the results. More...

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29 March 2019

Adam is an excellent trainer who always shows up on time and brings a great energy to each workout motivating you to push through, focus and feel awesome. I highly recommend his training sessions if you want to work hard and see results!
Natalie Martins

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29 December 2018

I was looking for a trainer in Vancouver area and I read the reviews for revival fitness and Adam and decided to give him a try. It has been a year and a half later and I am extremely happy with him! He knows his stuff, but most importantly he works out at your level and try to make the workouts fun! Conversation flows as we go through the workout of the day but he also pays attention to your form very closely!For me this is a win win situation as he comes to my building and I get an amazing workout! If you are thinking about workout just give him a try as his consult is free! More...

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31 August 2018

The second I was in contact with Adam @ Revival Fitness, I knew I had found the perfect company + personal trainer to train with! Adam is one hell of a genuine guy! He is extremely professional and Vancouver is lucky to have him. Our workouts started right away and I saw the results I had hoped for quickly!! I had my first child 7 months prior. His workouts were what I needed to whip back into shape. I’m forever grateful for coming across this company! More...

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2 July 2018

I have been training with Adam at Revival Fitness for 4 years now. That alone can speak for itself. For those of you reading, here’s what you need to know:Very personable. Felt comfortable right away. Very knowledgeable. Great workouts. Hard workouts but worth it.Results. Fun. Great chats about anything in life. You won’t be sorry. V More...

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28 May 2018

I signed up with Adam of Revival Fitness after 15 months off from any form of training due to injury. Having been in pain for so long I was wary about starting any sort of training again but was cleared by medical professionals to commence fitness activities again. Adam heard my concerns and tailored my workouts to build up my problem areas and monitored my overall progress, but with particular focus on regaining strength in the areas that were my weakest that had triggered my earlier injury. I really looked forward to my sessions with Adam and always felt a huge benefit after every one. I also enjoyed the structure of having a trainer and how much he motivated me to put the work in.I've finished my sessions due to other obligations, but when the time is right, I will use Adam again. More...

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28 May 2018

I started training with Adam at Revival Fitness in October 2016 and since then I have reached and surpassed my fitness goals. I told him I wanted to lose 15- 20lbs for my daughters wedding in June. Instead, I lost almost 25 lbs! He did exactly what he said he would do. Start at my fitness level and move me along at my pace to reach my goals. Adam is always prompt and trains me at my condo gym which is very convenient. I now have built a great friendship with Adam and this makes the sessions fun, interesting and the time goes by quickly. I continue to train 3 times a week working towards my new goals!If you’re looking for a trainer who will go above and beyond for you look no further. Best Decision Ever! More...

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28 May 2018

Such a great experience! Adam created a plan just for me, in the convenience of the gym at my building. I saw results very quickly doing the workouts and following his meal plan, and because of this he was able to keep me motivated for a real life change. I reached my goal weight after a few months, and decided to keep training with him still now, over a year later. I don't want to stop, I love being active now that I'm in shape. Thanks Adam, you rock!!! More...

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28 May 2017

After a year and a half, I think it's safe to say that Revival Fitness - more specifically - Adam, has had quite an amazing impact on my life. I probably couldn't have been a more daunting client with my unique health challenges, but using his ability to uncover and harness my strengths, motivate me on my hardest days, and offer support for my mind, body and spirit, I couldn't help but want to get healthier and stronger. No matter where one's strengths and weaknesses lie, he will inspire you to be the best version of yourself. If all of this hasn't already made up the perfect package, the convenience of him coming to my condo gym is the bow on top! The best decision I've ever made for my health was partnering up with this guy. More...

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28 May 2017

My husband and I started with Revival Fitness about 5 years ago. We were tired of paying for gym memberships with little return. Having a trainer come to our home combined with the knowledge and one on one attention we received was amazing. The biggest difference for us was the true commitment we received from our trainer, giving us workable meal plans, holding us accountable in a fun and focused atmosphere. For the first time I felt empowered, strong and hAppy with my body. Revival empowered me to loose weight and get fit. I saw results within the first 3 months and sustained those. Losing 20lbs. Through that I found activities such as running to help me be happier and more fulfilled. I highly recommend this for anyone striving for a specific goal or those like me who need to be held accountable!! Thanks so much Adam Crow and revival fitness! Looking forward to a new goal for 2017!! More...

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Client centered trainers who take the time to get to know you. We know everyone is different and each person will have a different path to success. We will figure it out together, period.

As for the how? A combination of full body circuit training, HIIT (high intensity interval training), strength training, flexibility/mobility training, and any style of training a client may request.

We also, highly encourage you to bring any homework exercises and stretching a chiropractor or physiotherapist may have prescribed.

Final note, we are very flexible and open minded in our approach. We don't know best. You do. We help you figure it out along the way. That's what we do best.

1) Listen to our clients wants and needs.
2) Set goals that make sense for YOU.
3) Set a plan in action... key word action.
4) Execute the plan.
5) Make any and all adjustments necessary. Sometimes goals change or goals are reached and new ones must be put in place.
6) Notice I didn't mention anything about this diet and that diet and crazy amounts of training?

Watching a client come for a consult with only a vague idea of what they want and then helping them surpass their wildest expectations. Allowing clients to grow and fail and get back up .... all the while a transformation is occurring both mentally and physically. SELF-CONFIDENCE building.

I (Adam) have just always been an entrepreneur. From paper routes to lemonade stands on a summer day to shovelling your snow and cutting your lawn. DNA.

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No ego is my answer.
Listening to clients. Let them lead, even when they don't think they are leading... they are.


One-on-one coaching to help you with exercise, nutrition, mindset, and everything in between.