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Onboard Digital is a performance-based digital marketing agency located in Toronto. A team of passionate digital strategists, campaign managers, and creative professionals, we strive to inspire our clients and make them succeed. Strategic planning tailored to your consumer’s journey;

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4 customer reviews

27 May 2018

If you're stuck and not sure how to tackle your website, social media accounts or google search you will get great help here. Thank you Les and your very knowledgeable, experienced team. They really did put the time to make sure they delivered for our business. Hooplah is the place to find digital services that you need for your business. More...

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27 May 2018

Great place to work and the people are extremely knowledgable!

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27 May 2018

I've been using Hooplah Inc. for more than a decade for my online needs, from SEO to web building. I own many different websites, and have looked at other companies' services over the years, but I've always stuck with Hooplah. They have proven to me time and time again that they KNOW this business inside and out. Thanks, Hooplah, as always! More...

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27 May 2018

Great and knowledgeable company. You will be in good hands with Mr. Hartsman and his carefully selected team of seasoned professionals.

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Hooplah eats, breathes and lives digital, and we have large appetites for pushing the boundaries of what is possible to achieve online. We have been around long enough to know it’s not all about impressions and clicks. It’s about assessing your core business objectives and using relevant data to create insights that translate into actionable consumer behavior.

Our search marketing team will drive relevant traffic to you, helping your potential customers navigate through the maze of online clutter with strategic ad campaigns to achieve your marketing goals. Your account will be optimized daily, with no stone left unturned. We’ll keep such a close eye on you there’s a good chance we’ll be in your next family Christmas card photo. Seriously. Right next to the dog.

As one of the most powerful vehicles for generating brand and product awareness online, we’d be stupid not to be in bed with display advertising. And we’re not. Stupid, that is. Programmatic ads are the wave of the future for display, making the ad buying process itself more efficient and cost-effective. No matter the format, our creativity and reach of billions of global monthly impressions will put you in the spotlight and create optimal engagement opportunities for your customers.

These days, it’s all about engagement and connecting people with people, not corporate entities. We will work with you to create a categorized content library in order to gain an understanding of what your audience responds to versus what content types don’t meet performance goals and expectations. We’ll create social media activations that complement your overall digital marketing strategy, connecting you with the communities you want to reach and making you look cool doing it.

Online promotions are a proven method to increase brand and product awareness, generate hype and excitement, and encourage engagement and interaction with your target audience. Share your objectives and budget with us, and we’ll work together to select the most effective promotion type, plan the program, and ensure its value and performance are maximized.

There is nothing worse than having an amazing website that is not optimized properly so that people can find it. It’s akin to having a brick and mortar store in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Our SEO masters will improve the visibility of your website in a search engine’s organic (or natural) search results. The more frequently your site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the audience searching for the keywords relevant to the site.

The digital consumer is a savvy and demanding target that is getting more sophisticated as technology advances. They know what they want, they do their research and they don’t just go with the first advertiser that wins over their attention. Retargeting tags users who visit or engage with your website and serves up ads to those very same people at a later time, within various platforms including Google Display, Facebook and YouTube. Since retargeting customers are already within the consideration stage of the sales funnel, going after these qualified leads can really drive ROI for any company.

Online video advertising is one of the fastest growing advertising formats in the world. Many companies have rushed out to produce their own suite of videos but few know how to leverage them to generate an ROI. Instead of your video being tucked away in a corner of your website, we make sure we get your video in front of your target and toss that ghetto-blaster up on our shoulders and crank it to make an impact.

Native advertising is when a piece of relevant content created or sponsored by a brand which is seamlessly integrated into a user’s experience when visiting a webpage, a user’s feed across a variety of channels and platforms. This preserves the immersive user experience while producing click-through rates like that of editorial content and skyrocket engagement rates. This especially effective form of content marketing is coming to the aid of brands who need new ways of reaching critical consumers who are ignoring their traditional adverts.

About 75% of people don’t accept advertisements as truth, but 70% of people believe consumer opinions and even more people trust the endorsement of influencers. Influencers don’t just offer display advertising, but include integrated content, social promotion, editorial content, and endorsements as a part of their programs. Hooplah works with our network of influencers to integrate with your brand’s promotions and/or create our own WOM (Word Of Mouth) campaign driven by bloggers, socialites, trendsetters, and movers and shakers.

Email marketing is a powerful and personal method to reach consumers and maintain top-of-mind brand awareness. It is an effective way to create awareness by reaching qualified customers, as well as to keep customers connected after they have left your website. Email marketing is easy, effective, and inexpensive in comparison to other advertising methods. Email marketing allows business owners to reach a large number of consumers at a rate of pennies per message, so although it may be an old tactic, it still remains a vital one.